What do all the cool yoyoer prefer :P

Solid color yoyo? Or some crazy finish?

Some cool yoyoers prefer solids, some cool yoyoers prefer hefty splashes etc.

Some cool yoyoers prefer acid wash, some cool yoyoers prefer raw, some cool yoyoers prefer clear.

More or less im asking for personal preference :wink:

For competition- lighter easy to see solid colors.
For collecting- Crazy splash/ano

Solid colors, always.

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I’m a solid color fan. But the occasional splash that contains neutral colors is great to see.

solid color
sidecaps can be a different color

I’m picturing each side and each sidecap being a different color… im thinking I want to do this with my speedmaker.

Funky finish

Hot Chicks and Money!

For comps I like to use a color that is easier to see like gold or pink (Think Joe X Ann edition Genesis) but I do very much like the Aman colorway you see on lots of genyos, but since the base color is black (Sometimes silver, but I’ve only ever played a black based one) it’s kinda hard to see the yoyo when it’s nit so bright where you’re throwing.

Anything jasonwong anod

No solid colors.


Solid, definitely… you don’t want that cray splash stuff anyway. I love a good solid pink yoyo. It sounds weird, but I think it rocks.

I prefer splash, but I’m about as far as you can get from a “cool yoyoer.”

I like splashed and solids equally

I like the speckled stuff but I’m a sucker for superhero colored splashes.

I like it all.

Wild masks and splashes like MonkeyfingeR Design does.
Solids in rich colours or black.
Jason Wong “silver skittles” is incroyable.
This from Aurora Custom:


It’s all good stuff.