Solid or Splash

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What color do you like your yoyos to be? I have yoyos in each category but it seems like i prefer solid green colored yoyos. How about you?


I like my babies solid ;D


I prefer to have some nice laser work on my stuff


Acid wash!


Depends on the finish for me.


Mostly solids, they have a more bold and well… Solid look :smiley: they just always look good, whereas splashes don’t always look good… Now, there are a few splashes that look real nice but mainly a prefer solids. Mostly a shiny bright silver! I also love the look of a raw yoyo ;D


I like splashes over acid wash.

And solids.

And raw Ti or steel.

And solid Ti.

And anything else that looks great.


If I had say, I’d go with solids most of the time. Probably clear/silver too.

I have to have companies take away some of my freedom in order for my cases to look pretty with the various colorways in them.


Bright colorways, basically anything that could be seen easily day AND night, Or early morning when I’m at school before 7AM XD


I made a thread just like this

And nard listed a post, just like this :slight_smile:

Splash. Depending on the yoyo.

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Raw all the way :wink:


I love both and it really depends on the yoyo. To me a Markmont. Next. just wouldn’t feel right with crazy splashes all over it and I would be depressed if my CLYWs were solid (except WMM which I would rank up there with the MN in the classy solid category).

I prefer black/grey/clear/silver when it comes to solid metals. With acid washes/splashes there’s nothing I look for specifically and any color combination could grab my eye (or bore me). I’m not a huge speckle fan but there are definitely some I like. Hoping that one day CLYW is able to find someone to unlock the secret of swirl ano for them again.

For plastics I like just about anything. Black, white, pink, painted, weird dye jobs, mixed up halves/caps, whatever. The great thing about FH2s/FHZs is that there are just so many options even when mixing up stock parts.


Splash splash splash.

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None of my metals are solid unless you count the mighty flea. So overall I prefer splash.


I prefer solids (black, blue, silver & gold). But, I make exceptions for my YoyoExpert Editions, any black yo-yo with gold splash, or a blue blizzard CLYW.


Acid washed seem to be looked over often, and I find them to be the most beautiful.


I like raw, because it looks so shiny of you polish it

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Sure, surveys like this pop up all the time. I know its been done before, but hey, Surveys are fun!


splish splash