What color throws do you prefer?

I don’t know why but I always preferred solid color throws especially orange green and blue throws over speckles or splashes. How about you guys?

I always find myself buying black yoyos. Either full black, half black, black acid wash, or black splash. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I like bright yoyos. I like blue and purple most but i like basically any color but black.

As bright as possible. I absolutely LOVE splash!!!
blue (with purple splash or vice versa) yye. Colorways are the favorite here.
Hate all black throws (unless unengraved, full black, black string)


Bright solids. I trade or sell all my splashes.

Color is an important factor for me when I’m buying a yoyo, but I don’t like any particular color. If the color is good, I’ll buy it, regardless of all other colored throws in my collection. For example, my Code 2 is yellow, my Protostar is Neon Collection orange and my Supernova is blue w/ pink splash.

I like colors I don’t already have a lot of.

I like 'em pink

blue, black, sometimes some purple

something bright and flashy. like purple.

I like brightly annoed, solid color, dual tone yoyos the best.

One half blue, one half green is always a great combo.

I like red yo-yos, and bright colors that aren’t neon.

I prefer silver (raw), black, blue or gold. I will tolerate a splash if it is in combination of the colors I mentioned. For example, I like that Harold Owens Catalyst (blue/gold). I do not like splashes, unless it is a mix of those colors or a YYE Edition. I prefer solid colors, and raw is always best, black second, then blue, then gold. If those four colors are not available, I typically go with purple, red, or white instead. I do not like green or orange yo-yos at all. But, I think orange is the worst color of all for a yo-yo. I like the color yellow, but not on a yo-yo.

Silver or at least as white as possible.
Any other color is ok as a splash as long as its not red or gold.
Solids are ok as long as its not red or gold.
And btw… I hate red and gold.

Lol, you hate red and gold splashes and I have the YYE Gold edition Cascade. I actually think it’s one of the best colorways ever… I guess it’s just personal preference.

Yep. That’s why i jumped on the wasteland edition cascade. Black silver and green. Best yoyo ever. IMO.

Rainbow Anodizing.

Sooo pretty…


I like to get as many different colors as I can, but each style I like to use a specific color. I use orange and blue for 1a, green for looping, red for counterweight, and bright colors for counterweight. Black is ways a good yoyo color, too.

Gold silver purple.
Metallic BBed Pyramatte all BEAUTIFUL

Purple Pyramatte, polished sliver, and Metallic gold happen to be favorites.

Color doesn’t have importance to me although I just love the sleek look of black yoyos. In public though I like brighter yoyos.