What color

What color do u lean to most of the time for a yoyo I really like white?

Are you not sure that “u” really like white?
Anyways, I enjoy yoyos that are a blet and teg acid wash with maz splash.

Generally solids. Blues, silver, grey, metal colors(like raw).

I’ve got stuff all over the place though.

The one that’s in stock. Usually all the colors are good.

I like blacks, blues, dark greens and reds… dark stuff.

I like blues reds and blacks.

Two toned, solid colored yoyos are my favorite.

Depends on the yoyo and what colorways they have. Most of the time I get a color I don’t have. Or I just get something that looks bright and cool.

I love the yoyoexpert colors
sometimes pink
bright greens, middle-dark blues.

I like blue, red, and black. Once in awhile, I like something flashy like a pink or purple.

2-3-color styles are cool, but i definitely don’t mind solids at all.

However, I do really dislike half-and-halves (with the one exception being the original viszilla colorway). More so when people trade halves of splashed throws; dont like those at all. I don’t get the bape “hype” either

bright colors. like a green base with purple splashes. (hulk smash!)


Purple, green, black

solid green, blue, or red. Hate splashes and acid washes.

I’m loving the Candy Apple Red lately.

I also love some of the CLYW colors like 28s, Black Bip Bop, Delirium Dive.

For me, It’s how it looks when it’s spinning.

I’m not into the yellows, greens, or pastelish colors.

I also very much like light colors and Jason Wong’s skittles colorway.

I’m liking the “Sperm Whale Sperm” colorway on one of the yoyos that HSPIN is producing for their “phasing out” of the community.

Splash all day!!