What color do ya’ll want ya’lls yoyos to be


I like all colors and try to keep a wide variety but like red.

(YoYo_Freak) #3

I have a bunch of green yoyos. I love just raw or silver or gold.


Given a choice, I prefer solid colors. And when going that route, blue.

I’m holding off a few purchases until the yoyos I want are available in thee color I want. Chaser and Burnside come to mind.

Black is OK. White is OK too. Greys are fine. Like, for the RecRev Sharp, black was the way to go. For the Speeder 2, I wanted white, but it was sold out but then blue was available, so major score! When I ordered the dv888, I ordered in in grey, but the Aqua(blue) came in like that day or something so YYE swapped it out before they shipped to me. YYE knows that shipping immediately isn’t ever a priority for me. I even had a large order held while we waited for a specific item to show up in the correct color.

I’m not really a big fan of the splash/splatter colorways, but sometimes you have little choice. The CLYW 28 stories does look nice though. I also really like my custom FHZ.

Some of these yoyos can get quite pricy, and I am the one spending the money and I am the one who has to play it and I’m the one who has to live with it. So, if it’s something available in my choice of colors, then that’s the way I go if it’s a model I am interested in. When it’s not, I have 2 choices: skip it or choose from what is available.

However, my nickel Phenom matches my Rolex almost perfectly!

You might as well like what you’ve got. I don’t question the tastes/choices of others. I have my preferences.




so there isnt a color you dont just despise?

anyway… i love orange… sadly tho, i only have one orange throw


nope! even if it’s ugly, if it plays well, I’ll still get it

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Amen to what Preinfalk said.

Mine as well yoyo blindfolded, if you can pull it off.



feel (not necessarily play) > color

I like a nice blast, or nickel plating

Some colors are really beautiful tho, like Xcube’s steamroller in Team Edition pink (those who have it they know ^^), this is, by far, the most beautiful ano I’ve seen on a throw, but then again, you’d have to play it under some specific conditions to figure it out.

not really a fan of Raw or silver stuff.

Other nice colors I’ve seen

Trainwreck V2 (the pictures does NOT do it justice at all)


For some reason color seems to dictate play for me. I don’t know why but the vk supernovas play better than the other supernovas imo.

(Troy(oyo) #11

Some colorways just make me want yoyos. I got a Bape Code 1. Don’t get me wrong, the Code 1 is a beast of a yoyo, but the bape colorway sold me, it is beautiful. Same with the JonRob Genesis. I have another Genesis, but I feel cooler with the JonRob one.

In short. Looking cool>performance.

Kind of a joke, but still can hold true. The yoyos I like because they are good, having a great colorway is a definite bonus though.


My favorite color all together on yoyos is probably translucent red. I aslo like colors such as white if I want to satin it, so it doesn’t really disrupt the color. Other colors I like are neon green, translucent green, opaque red, and translucent blue.


these are my favorite throws, look wise, Ni54 with YWET SEs and Bape

I totally get what you mean


… Yeah, I like pink yoyos.
Pink is one of my favorite colors… The most masculine of all colors.


I don’t like silver throws.

(Troy(oyo) #16

I don’t like Mizaru… That is just plain ugly. Splashes and anything with too many colors must be done tastefully.


It’s all about the LASER ENGRAVINGS MANG!!

laser engravings>color

But on a more serious note, if I had to pick a color, I really want a solid dark purple yoyo.


For some reason, I seem to be attracted to translucent reds and blues, as well as opaque blacks when it comes to plastics. I’m sure the black stems from my childhood love for the Midnight Special, that was one of my favorite yoyos back then. Not sure why the translucent colors seem to attract me. Lime Green’s also awesome, especially if it’s mixed with black (like my PGM).

When it comes to metals, I like the darker silver color, as well as red, black, and once again, blue/aqua.
Acid wash blue/teal is also awesome.