Favorite yoyo color

I’m was curious, do you guys have a favorite yoyo color? If so, do you have multiple yoyos of that color?
With the release of the level 6, I was hunking of getting the light blue one, but noticed I already had an aqua shutter.
Also, are black colored yoyos harder to see than a brightly colored one during performance,video, etc?

I have different reactions to different colors.

For instance, even if I love pink, I know I just can’t take a throw “seriously” if it’s pink, that’s why I sold my Overdrive, although I loved how it plays.

I can’t stand orange, yellow, gold throws, especially metal yoyos, I can’t take pleasure throwing them. I’m fine with plastic generally, mainly clear orange (first run PHENOMizm) and clear yellow (Protostar) though.

I tend to like blue or raw yoyos more, my liking towards blue and raw throws has almost always been constant over years, so when I purchase a high-end yoyo, I try to pick one of these colourways.

I’m particularly fond of the sOMEThING Addiction clear blue, so I bought 3.

Howaver my case is mainly blue so I need to get more different colors ^^’

Man I just noticed how good the yye version of the level 6 looks…

There is a Rewind edition Krown that is the same colorway which is rad

I’m a sucker for a good gold. Gold Shutter, Bassalope, and gold first run chief.

Anything with yellow on blue. Clareview station is probably my favorite all time colorway.

I love 28 stories.

My favorite color is red, and level 6 is very good at horizontal, buhha bearing will do just fine with it.

I buy a lot of YoyoExpert Edition color yo-yos and blue yo-yos. You would be surprised to know that I don’t throw those color yo-yos. My colors are broken down like this:

When I buy with the intention of throwing the yo-yo on a regular basis, the yo-yo is black, gold, silver, or some variation of those colors or really close (maybe a clear ano, soda blast).

When I buy with the intention of collecting the yo-yo, and it will probably sit in a case and look like a supermodel, those case queens are blue or YYE Edition.

The yo-yos I actually throw the most these days are a black/gold DMII, a solid gold H.O.T., a silver Ricochet, a gold Shutter…you get the idea. :slight_smile:

Maybe that means I like the blue and YYE ones too much to see them as anything but case queens. But, I like to look at them. Just a fact.

Favorite colors, for different reasons though, are: Black, blue, silver, gold and YYE Editions. I don’t like orange yo-yos (except Dragonslayer because the red, yellow and black are more of a focus), and I don’t like green yo-yos. I have a half green/blue Entheos that I display on the blue side only. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t mind purple, yellow, brown, white or pink, but I don’t actively seek them out, except when I thought I would be collecting Delrins. So, I have some white ones. I wanted every color Dingo, so I bought them all…even colors I don’t like. I just wanted a Dingo rainbow. A pure exception to the rule. :slight_smile:

I’ll put them in order for you, best to worst:

  1. Blue
  2. Black
  3. Gold
  4. Silver, clear, soda blast
  5. Red
  6. White
  7. Yellow
  8. Purple
  9. Pink
  10. Brown
  11. Orange
  12. Green

As you can see, YoyoExpert editons have three of my top colors…all rolled into one. You can also see why blue blizzard is my favorite CLYW colorway, top colors, mixed.

I really like green and silver throws. I always love throwing my green summit just because it plays good and it looks good :slight_smile:

From the beginning I have liked polished.


I like silvery and raw throws a lot but I don’t have any because I haven’t found any of that color on a Yoyo I like. But my other favorites are
bright green (TA doesn’t like this she doesn’t like green throws but I do!)

I like money green though…just not yo-yos. :smiley: I don’t wear green either. I have one green shirt and only bought it to try to be different than my usual. It spends a lot of time in the closet. I had a green PSG because that shade of green wasn’t so bad. I have a Hulk Smash fade Cliff, and that is barely green at all. That’s probably the only reason I liked it. I was looking in the Hulk Smash thread a lot back then, so it started growing on me. Thank goodness it was a phase. I snapped out of it. :smiley:

I absolutely love clyw’s ash berry color way!

Red white blue like the USA hatrick!