What colors do you automatically default to?

When buying yoyos, i love all sorts of colors that are bright and snazzy…

But i’ve noticed that if there’s purple/pink/blue, i always feel magnetized to them. I want to get different colors like bright green, red and black, but if the yoyo comes in any (and i mean any) combination of blue purple black or pink, i just immediately forget about the bright green or red i was thinking about and instantly my attention is drawn to the others.

what colors are you guys drawn to?


Splashy ones!


Blue, Green, Teal, Black, Raw & Polished.


Usually straight black, or orange. I’ve been trying to get other colors than orange though. I eed some diversity, you know what I mean? :smiley:


Blue or those that look silver.

This year, I’m kind of moving to red. Oddly enough, I have been told by my wife that red(and yellow) are apparently good colors for me this year I am finding myself drawn to more brighter colors whenever possible as it’s easier to see the yoyo.

As I continue to post photos of my collection up on Facebook, you’ll notice a large amount of variety in color though, but you will see a lot of blue in there.


Usually if its a plastic- red, blue.

If its metal I like black or white with various colored splash.

black and purple splash if they have one or black for a solid color

Black / Red / Purple

Those are the colors most seen in my yoyos. I Have other colors like Blue and Silver, but most of them are around those three. Oh, and Red with Black acid wash is my favorite so far. 8)

If nothing else catches my eye, I usually go with brighter shades of blue (think YYR blue or Turning Point blue).


Purple and Green… But you all know that :slight_smile:

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Blue usually. But I don’t have any blue yoyos currently for whatever reason.

…So, purple.

Red and orange is the worst color ever in my opinion

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Purple or 28 Stories

Lots ;D

For me any color that is bright and loud.