What colors do you automatically default to?

bright/neon blue or green :slight_smile:

Green, blue, purple, hot pink.

Gold or purple for me but I also like blue…immediately turned off by black and other dark colors. Red is ugly as well

First choice is gold (have been hooked since the come back avalanche) then black if neither silver/raw (in the event I put the effort together to try my hand at anodizing).

Anything anodized by Jason Wong or Aman.

if it does not have a red color scheme or splash, i will not buy it -metals only.

plastics i dont worry about, if theres red. then YAY! if not oh well, im not investing much money.

I’ve found myself going through “color phases”— For a month or so I’ll really want gold throws. Then for another month or so I’ll really want black throws. But, in general, I really enjoy harsh contrasts. Any extremely bright and abnoxious colors on a dark backdrop really catch my attention.

At the end of the day though, Green and Teal usually win.

Let me sit you down and explain.

Purple or Green
Neon Yellow string.

End of story, you’re free to go.


I don’t really care about color… most of my yo-yos are b grades or bst (like more than half) so I just get the throw I want the cheapest possible or the only available one…

Generally speaking, I stick with cool colors; blues, greens, purples. Or nickel-plated.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I roughly adhere to “the season.” Brighter colors and garish splashes in the warm weather months, more subdued colors and single-tones in the cold months. Kinda girly I suppose, but it’s more of an automatic tendency than a conscious choice. Probably from working in a clothing store for too many years.

I tend to be a fan of Green yo-yos, but I prefer splashes. My favorite colorway is Clareview Station.

Mostly me, too.

I only rarely have a quest (still want a red and white Punchline!); otherwise I take what I can get for BST stuff.

For new stuff, I also have no particular preference, but I do find I gravitate more towards orange. The C3 Capless orange/violet acid wash was a thing of beauty. :wink:

Oh those gold splashes. The plain solid gold doesn’t speak to me, but a gold and black acid or splash is my favorite thing in all the world.

My top 5 colors:

  1. Black, just looks so classy and grown up.
  2. Silver, I love raw throws, the color looks natural and no frills.
  3. Blue, just love the color, it’s low key and it looks great in any shade possible.
  4. Gold, flashy and eye catching when I’m in the mood to be that. I prefer gold accessories too, so this is a match.
  5. YYE Editions, which have two of my favorite colors, black and silver, but incorporates red, another great yo-yo color. I also like to show my support of the store. My way of “representing.” :wink:

pink n blue

Splash colors. I don’t like black and green, but I like silver with blue with pink!

Red, 3 out of the 5 throws I own are red :slight_smile:

silver, then green or blue