What colors would you choose?

If you were able to choose two different colors for a yoyo, What would they be? No splashes or fades. Just plain old solid colors.

i would go with a rich blue, similar to the OD blue on the 54

or, a pink. i liekz pinkz

Either a solid Green

Hot Pink

Green/Blue (bape XD )



hmm maybe a nice blue or a bright green.

Black and then Gold. I think… I would really have to think about it but that’s what I have so far…

A Light Demon Red and a turquoise.

Blue and gold.

Bone white and OD green.

Black and yellow, black and yellow… I’ll shut up.

I’d prolly’ have to go with a Damascus rose pink and terrifying shade of teal.


Definitely needs to be purple for me. Purple/Green or Purple/Blue

Anodizing Agapes, are we?

Can’t anodize white. The closest would just be a clear anodize, which is silver.

Yeah! my school’s colors!

or really bright red/really dark blue

Hmm this is tough for me.

I think it would be really cool to have a turquoise yo-yo. Bright green is neat too.

I like Bright colors.

Neon Green, Neon Yellow

as for basic colors
Red, Black

I would need purple too… maybe purple/yellow.

Also, you could still have a white yoyo, you just couldn’t anodize it white.

There aren’t enough turquoise yoyos or purple yoyos.

Royal blue and black

Reds, Bright colors, i like my yoyos to look like toys. So no black, or anything too dark.

Lime green like this would be kinda funny, look how bright it is =D