What are your favorite yoyo colors?



Also, clear or red? :slight_smile:


You’ll get all kind of answers… ::slight_smile:

Used to be red or red with black, now it’s purple with a regular green string.

If plastic, clear red. ;D If metal, cant go wrong with silver.


I love the ash berry colorway from CLYW


Raw, 'cause raw is how it’s meant to be 8)

(Owen) #5

White or Raw.


Any shade of green for me, but raw is great too :smiley:


3:partial gold(wutang H.O.T)
4: new CLYW ash berry
5: yoyo factory aviation primary


I think really bright colors.


Red white and blue colorways!


Black and orange


Gold or raw. Black is a very close 3rd.


Solid lime green is for sure my favorite


Light greens


White, Blue, Raw, Gold


Purple and gold

Go Dawgs!


Most things involving green or black. Hopefully green and black. Also hulk smash.



You’d love the puffin 2 northern lights that I happen to have(not for sale)

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #18

I like almost any color if the color is rich and vibrant, raw is good, and etching is minimalistic and enhances the yoyo. I prefer:

  1. Splash free.
  2. Lacking any splash.
  3. Splashless
  4. Without splash

I’m sooooo tired of splash! :wink: I’m really ready for something more interesting or even plain.


I’ve never seen the northern lights in person, but I actually didn’t like it in pictures. The fade looks almost brown. I’m more a fan of lime green with black. Maybe I’d like it more in person.

I picked up a Palli puffin 2.



Plenty of solids around. Even CLYW often has a solid colorway available.