Color ways that should exist

What are some color ways that you think should exist.
I would like to see a yoyo in zebra stripes or cheetah skin.

thats as close to cheetah you’re probably going to get.


Neon colors on metals

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Uno the colors in dice? Well, those kinds.
And a yo yo with the yoyoexpert signs all over it :stuck_out_tongue:

I want DogFish creek on all my yoyos.

??? ???

Lime green with bright purple splash.

Hulk smash?

That would look awesome!

Idk if these exist or not but…
I’d like a yellow with some brown speckle so it looks like a banana
and a bright turquoise with light green splash.

You mean like the yye gelada? It has the yye logo on it.

Rainbow acid wash would be awesome.

haha yeah. They’re my two favorite colors, and mixed they look so cool…

Nononono, Bright purple with lime green splash! Looks waaay better.

yeah it really would be!

haha ok, just as long as bright purple and lime green are involved!

MM yess… needs more of this.

that is beautiful!