Deadly SpINS Contests!! Pick A Colorway or Just Like Us!!

So we are doing 2 Contests.

  1. Go on Facebook, Like Us and tell us what you think about our new release. On October 1st We will pick a random person to win a Wrath Yoyo!! Help Us Get it Going!!

  2. Let us know either here or on Facebook what colorway you think would be awesome and unique!! We will pick 10 great ideas and move them to a poll for the community to vote on.  Will be 10 made of that colorway and the winner will win one and be able to name it!!!

Happy Yoing!!!

First one to enter? Alright.

I’d like to see a dark wood colored brown with a small amount of gold splash on it. So it looks like a fancy ornate table with gold inlays.

How about a light blueish with light gray acid wash with a black splash?
Always wanted a color like that.

How about a white yoyo with red, black and gold splash.

Id love to see a black and baby blue wash with clear splash.

Camouflage! This one would be really cool:

oldschool camo would be nice too, only without the brown spots (it would look like puke when spinning)

Edit: changed my mind. Both halves an off white color with blue,orange, and green splash

Orange/Clear acid Wash with a purle splash/

Extremely bright, Neon Pink.

liked! and how bout a yellow and blue acid wash?

iridescent so it changes color based on the angle it’s viewed from. I haven’t seen a yoyo do this yet.

Red, Black, Yellow, White colourway would be awesome…

One half is black with white splash, and the other half is white with black splash. :slight_smile:

One half white with a black speckle and the other half white with a black speckle. It could be called the yin-yang colorway.

If this is possible, The yoyo’s outside would be a bumblebee style Yellow, But the Inner ring grind Area/Cup would be Black…Or if not, One Half Bumblebee yellow, other half Black. that would look neat, I think

To all people who picked white. Please make another suggestion! The silver of the aluminum will always show through the white making it silver or grey if its blasted, Making white impossible!


Navy blue with a neon pink splash

Pink/Silver acid wash With big, vibrant orange speckles.

I imagine a clouded blue/clear ano would look really nice together

Black with a blue acid wash and grey speckle would be amazing