Deadly SpINS Contests!! Pick A Colorway or Just Like Us and make a comment!

So we are doing 2 Contests.

  1. Go on Facebook, Like Us and tell us what you think about our new release. On October 1st We will pick a random person to win a Wrath Yoyo!! Help Us Get it Going!!

  2. Let us know what colorway you think would be awesome and unique either here or on Facebook!! We will pick 10 great ideas and move them to a poll for the community to vote on. 10 will be made of that colorway and the winner will win one and be able to name it!!!

Happy Yoing!!!

Here is my idea for a colorway: Pure white, with different shades of white splashed on it. For example, cream, eggshell, and the blue-ish white of an LED light all splashed on a pure white yoyo. The name: Stark White (Stark is my last name)

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Blue/white acid wash w/ orange splash
Like this:

I think a Grey with White acid wash, Black and Brown splash would look elegant and refined.

Given the name “Deadly Spins:Wrath” I think having one half be Black with red splash and then the other half be red with black splash would be awesome.

Green (of any shade) with a light blu hub , blue splash in the hub. Idea comes from some clyw colorways (latitude 53, petr kavka, chknstrps)

Purple with green speckle and white splash

Gunmetal grey with a couple mock bullet holes anodized in. PERFECT for “wrath”

Yellow with white acid wash and black splash, or orange with black splash.

Solid White with a Neon Pink splash :slight_smile:

Neon yellow base with red speckles and black splash

the most obnaxious and brightest green that you can find with black splatters around the yoyo

black yoyo with red splash ( to look like blood)

I think a pure white powder coat with black powder coat splashed on after would look sick. It wouldn’t be lines like anno, it would be like random speckles, in random places, with some being bigger than others, and others smaller

How many times are we allowed to pick a color?

I sort of already said that :confused:

Ok I’ve never seen anyone do my colorway. I’m going to use your pic at the top for a little reference. I noticed it was black with a greenish/gray smoky effect with red specks. The smoke is what I’m referring to.

White ( or as white as you can get it )
Light teal or aqua smoke splash
Black speckle or just a little black splash

Same colorway thats on my YoYoExpert Droid’s symbol

Powder Coats are a fine suggestion… However!!

To all people who picked white Ano splashes or the like. Please make another suggestion! The silver of the aluminum will always show through the white making it silver or grey if its blasted, Making white impossible!


My other suggestion!

Solid Navy blue:

Covered with a neon pink splash!

My revised suggestions
Yellow with black splash and red splash, but less red

Neon green with neon pink wash and neon yellow splash and neon green splash

Green with brown acid wash and tan splash

Orange with black splash

Pure black with a tiny bit of silver splash

Orange purple wash and blue splash