Contest: design your dream colorway, with prizes, ends 3/5


The last vote on colorways inspired me.

If you could design a new colorway, one that’s never been done before… what would it look like? Post a picture :framed_picture: of your dream colorway!

  • Must be a new colorway never before seen on any existing yo-yo
  • Can include laser engravings
  • Your colorway should not require hand painted art or manual intervention, your design should be, at least in theory, possible to automate and produce a “run” of using current yo-yo machining and anodizing technology

Submit your proposed new colorway in the replies, below, and after one month, on 3/5/2019, the three best submissions as judged by post :heart: likes will win one of these faaabulous prizes

1st :1st_place_medal: NIB AHAY Sagittarius 7075 in rainbow, with extra NIB bearings, strings, and pads
2nd :2nd_place_medal: TopYo Selene in half-swap blue/grey swirl
3rd :3rd_place_medal: SF SF in birthday

How do I make my own colorway image to submit?

You want the goodies, you’re gonna need to learn some image editing skillz. These kinds of skillz might come in useful later in your life, who knows? Just to get you started, maybe grab a blank yo-yo image like these

(These are just examples, you do not need to use these specific yo-yo images. Pick whatever you like!)

Once you have the yo-yo to “draw” on you’ll want to follow online image editing tutorials using the photoshop type image editing tool of your choice to overlay designs / fades / splashes / splatters / engravings / whatever on top of the yo-yo template.

If you’re feeling extra frisky you could also do this sort of thing in 3D modelling software, the kind of software you would actually design a real yo-yo in.

But computers scare and frighten me, Jeff!

It’s perfectly acceptable to draw like an animal, using pencils, markers, crayons, pens, finger paint, whatever you like, then take a picture of it and submit it.


A pink and gray fade, with no laser engravings and a aqua splash. I would call it the muskrat, because why not!!


No pic = not eligible. See rules, above. You want the goodies, you gotta do the work, my man :wink:


Ooops my bad.

(Justin Thompson) #13

Challenge… Accepted!


Fun. Thanks for hosting this! It’ll be cool to see what the YYE forum fam comes up with.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #31

I have a few ideas but im not good at editing and only made them in a drawing app with the cadence as a template :sweat_smile: (not cropped)

Rose gold with Dark pink

Blue stripes added to the last idea. Possible through different application or doing the first fade first, stripping, and then adding the blue ano.

Black, gray, rose gold, gray, black. Possible through multi layer anodization or through different application. (not with dipping, or ano, strip, ano, strip etc.)

Not sure if they already exist but i have not seen them before. Fade is modified angelo fade tho

({John15}) #32


Can I draw inspiration from existing colorways or does it have to be 100% original?


some really crusty editing. much less of a dream colorway, but a fitting design. the engraving is the donkey kong logo. more of a suggestion cough cough @sfyoyos cough cough

i call it the dk dk lol


blending fades / drawing splashes / acid washes are hard to do on paper if you ask me. (unless you have a bucket of paint nearby haha)

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #36

color pencils are fairly easy to blend with imo

(Victorian YoYos) #37

I present the long awaited: Marmalade colorway. Some of the colors aren’t exactly how I wanted but I don’t have prisma colors, oh well. I did it on a bi-metal so that’s what the rims are. It would be an orange and white(silver) acid wash with a darker orange splash over it. And then the ‘M’ is a laser engraving that would be on the rim. It stands for Marmalade and is a pair of cat ears. I’m not a crazy cat person, I just love my best friend.




I’m sure Jeff will be in love with your design on first sight!

(Victorian YoYos) #43

The Jeff colorway!


@YoYoExpertGarrett that’s fantastic!

({John15}) #45

This literally made me laugh out loud. Well played, sir

(Levi Neal) #46

My son and I each designed one. His is an elegant selection of colors to catch the eye of the owner forcing them to pick it up and throw it. He purposely left a majority of the aluminum clear so everyone can see the heart of the yo-yo it’s soul. To hide the beauty of the aluminum that it is crafted from would be a real crime ,like Brad Pitt covering his face with a mask.

Mine is just an orange and purple half swap.

(Victorian YoYos) #47

I love your sons artistic taste :joy:


That pink fade/blue stripe colorway is :fire:. I’d totally spend my money on that one :grinning: