If any manufacturers are listening.....

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How about some theme type graphics or something other than splashes. Splashes are so much the norm. I’d love a snow ski themed yo. You know some tracks on a mountain would make my year. ;D

Splashes just aren’t cutting it anymore for me. My eyes need a change.

Thanks crosses fingers and waits


The new YYF Pulsar Collection have artwork from a Joy Division album I think… Google it, the YYF Pulsar Genesis looks especially cool. I can’t find the blue one anymore though.


I wish the Galaxie Superstar didn’t have it though.


Seriously. Nothing says 1980’s in like every other sport than splash designs. Kudos to Duncan and some of the smaller manufacturers like MadHouse and Foxland Precision for trying other ideas. It amazes me that splash designs still exist, but then I keep waiting for rap music to go away too, and I don’t thing that is ever going to happen either.


looks at new yoyo prototype shrugs

I think i could do something like that? Are you looking for engravings on the whole yoyo?


Or like sports themes… Or cities… Or video games…

Something else!


video game themes would e awesome Imagine a legend of Zelda kind of design on a Yoyo… That could be awesome.
On another note I would like to see some different 3 tones like the inner cup like blue, the body purple and the edge around the Yoyo pink would be amazing.


I would be happy with just a solid color like the older SPYY models. No design needed.


yo dudes, 1991 splash art! still as fresh as the secret of the ooze movie.

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I’m interested in a yoyo with graphics that accentuates the lines and adds more of an elegant look over a busy, chaotic, or dizzy quality. I’m ready for a yoyo that has a color scheme and design that is more intentional and has less splat and splash.

Even though Jhb8426 likes nice solid colors, I bet he’d go nuts for a nice blue yoyo with a canoe and some ripples in the water, hmmmmmm. :wink:


El Ranchero’s theme hit it out of the park, IMO. I love that yoyo.

(side note, still looking for one in gunmetal gray… why don’t I ever see those come up?)


In a zone…

I’m still on splashes like bees to honey,
Want something better, just spend more money,
Rap’s too pop to drop, so it won’t stop,
Keep on wishing, go away? It’s not.
When it comes to rap and splashes, I’m still with it,
And for that reason, you will deal with it.
Fancy ideas, so many have done ‘em,
That’s what they call ano’ that’s custom.

Word. Not Werrd…Word. Peace. 8)


I’m inclined to agree, although I fully understand that the sheer amount of work, time and cost involved in doing complicated custom ano on a full run of yoyos is enough of a reason to put people off. I mean people are complaining enough about having to pay $15/$20 extra for splashes, let alone another $50+ or so for an intricate ano design.

That being said, it would be absolutely awesome. Jason Wong really showed us just what is possible with anodisation.

(You can check out the rest of his work at www.loadedyoyos.com)

Sigh One can always dream…

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I can understand why manufacturers don’t do this because of the time it takes and the sheer cost…
But why don’t I ever see epic things like this on B/S/T???

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Jason Wongs would show up on the BST every once in a while, moreso when he was actively anodizing, but it’s gotten to the point where the people who have them want to keep them.


I know I like the gunmetal color too this is also why I am looking at the valor

  1. Shape I looks awesome
  2. Colors
  3. price it looks like it’s a decent price and so I want.

Also I with 1D did more gunmetal grays they would be awesome on some other yoyos.

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Someone do a Game of Thrones edition or something


The Jason Lee edition of the YYF Shutter is clever. (I await a future version which actually has a camera built into the yoyo.)