sharpest looking throws

well i haven’t really yoyoed for a while, or even looked at any on the internet. but starting a couple days ago and i’m really suprised with how many cool designs and awesome looking throws companies have been able to put out.

i think the yyj karma looks fantastic… i’m really digging some of yyj’s new stuff. it all looks really slick.

what do you think looks good? one up me.

Phenom looks cool

The Ti5, Ai5, and anything PC by mullicabob.

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omg have you seen the matt finish or the zebra they are amazing!

Yes. I wept pure joy.

This thing is pretty sharp looking.

Too bad they feel like a hunk of cement on a string. Awesome, awesome design.


^ Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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the titan 3 looks amazing… in my opinion…

i must buy it… screw tuition!

Original noctu is way sharper and smaller and lighter all around better if it had a C bearing i would own 8
-the macrocosm has by far my favorite ano job

For months, I’ve been lusting after an El Ranchero ( I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I think it’s about the coolest looking throw out there.

Finally pulled the trigger and got one in Antique Bronze.

Also blown away by the MFD Lesula, particularly in Lemon Merangled

I don’t know how to share Facebook’d photos… does this link work?

Awesome! You can never go wrong with a SPYY. They make some of the sickest looking designs out there, but they also play as good as they look. So how are you liking your Ranchero?

Dunno, I ordered it literally 15 minutes ago. :wink:

I mean, look at it!

YoyoRecreation 6 looks so sick!

I’m gonna have to go with the whip :wink:

Spintastics Blade … I’m drawn to it for some reason… I’m resisting temptation for now…

And I honestly do like the adegle psg that was gifted to me extreme opposite of the spintastics blade curvy and sexy.

EDIT: This thread just put me over the edge… I ordered the spintastics blade… 20.00 metal that looks cool as … Well its just cool looking…

Its all your fault… :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the looks of Square Wheels’ stuff, crazy ano + spikes = awesome

I also really like the look of Chiefs/Arctic Circles, the inner ring really makes it a nice looking throw imo

Oh, and the C3 Capless deserves a mention because of the great looking acid washes, they look insane.

and my favorite throw ever… very sharp looking if you ask me.

Spyy Rounin in my opinion ;D