Titan 3********
Worlds Captivate*
JN Phenom*
Rextreme 2.0 (Gold rings)
Translucent Blue w/ Gold rings Vexed
Synergy Proto
YYJ Protos of any kind*
T3i (body only)********
high end RDA’s

All yoyos (+RDA’s and SS Magneto) must be mint or have minimal damage.

= want. the more "" the more i want it, the more id be willing to pay for it.

Need faster communication? Upgrade to Comcast business class or reach me here:

Facebook: HotPocket Herrera


MySpace: Seriously? You still have one of these? this is soooo 2009, just no, just, just no. stop. no. just stop.

Instagram: hawtpocket158

snapchat: hotpocket58

Kik: Hotpocket58

Cell phone: I dont have one, but if you buy/sell/trade me a 5s that can change :wink:

Holla at me yo.

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Yay! Habit=Broken

BUMP IN YOUR FACE!!! Need some Benjamin’s!!!(for you old folks out there that don’t understand [i hope your not that old but if you are congrats!] I need some cold hard cash! Or hot soft cash either is fine)

Third day streak! BUMP

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Bump. PLEASE NO YYF! (Unless its a G5)

Bump. Testing for my red belt in a few minutes :slight_smile:

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Bump got a case today. Will add it to da mix.

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