Yoyojam Fan Club

I don’t love yoyojam, but to create place for people who appreciate yoyojam to talk about it. I do like yoyojam more than YYF. But I still like both companies just not on an even plane.

Discuss things you appreciate about yoyojam here.

I will start by stating my favorite yoyojam throw and my current favorite throw even above my Gnarwhal: The PHENOMizm

Please keep it civil

Note: Mctron is not a fanboy as he doesn’t have blind love for Yoyojam, For instance I don’t really like the darkmagic 2 it is just kinda of meh, but if you put in a trifecta it is better. The theory just didn’t have the power to draw me away from my other throws. I just appreciate the company but I will gladly buy YYF throws and any throws from smaller companies like SPYY or onedrop or Crucial. I am just more apprehensive when buying a YYF than a yoyojam. I like them both just Yoyojam a bit more. I created this thread for others to post about yoyojam and create equilibrium with the YYF fan thread.

I love YoyoJam! I like the way a lot of their throws accommodate the transition from beginner play to intermediate and advanced play. A ton of their throws come with both responsive and unresponsive bearings right in the box. They have a variety of throws for all styles of play, and not many yo-yo companies can say that. Some of my favorite YoyoJam throws are the DMII, Trinity, Classic, Inspire, Fever and Cerberus.

Also, I think they are tied with YYF for currently having the best team, and they have the best team of all time in my opinion. With former players like Andre Boulay, Hiroyuki Suzuki and JD, when you leave the YYJ team, you are destined to be a BOSS if you want to be. Not many companies can say that. Andre is my favorite player. His play is smooth and fluid, and always technically precise and very clean.

Yoyojam also supports females in yo-yoing, and their team is very diverse. Go Yoyojam…I’m a fan!!

Like yyj for they diversity for each style of yoyoing in their throws and team. I will try to get a therory for my birthday but i also want a Dibase 2.

Where is iyoyo58?

I also appreciate YYJ’s attention to the beginner/intermediate level yoyoers, by providing so many yoyo’s that have small and large bearings. That was a great selling point that I needed to spend 50 bucks on my first responsive/unresponsive yoyo. But how come I don’t hear very much about their high end yoyo’s (other than the H3X)??

I think yyj metal rimmed are way too underrated!

good point. I’m getting my first YYJ soon a DM2 I need a throw I can take with me everywhere

I love my phenomizm which is high end $70 for a plastic metal and it is great. Stable fast and just plain awesome.

Cool, just wondering why I don’t see much chatter/discussion on YYJ’s higher end stuff.

I like yoyojam, honest I do.

But until they bring back the pinnacle of creation…

Love them, could not be further from true.



I’ve only played with dm2. Would like to try more out though. Especially the Hex.

I like yoyojam yoyos, because they have yoyos for every play style. They make very high quality products for such a good price. Normaly plastic yoyos with with metal rings have vibe, but my chaser doesnt have vibe or woobles. My northstar have vibes.

Back in my old skool days I got the first YYJ yoyo ever, the SpinFaktor. In those days, except for Duncan and Yomega, the companies you hear about now didn’t even exist, and the few metals that were available were ridiculously expensive and made to do nothing much but spin at the end of the string for a long time.

The SpinFaktor was the first metal-plastic hybrid, and it was a real game-changer. It slept like a baby and could play like a champ. I liked it even better than my Super-yo Renegade, which was a BOSS throw in the old days.

After 12 years out of the game, I got a DMII to learn the modern 1A style, and I have no complaints. It performs well and is forgiving enough for learning new tricks. Not as fast as I’d like at times, but nicely stable.

I still think most metals are too expensive, so I mostly have plastics, many from YYF. But I do have a Classic, which is really an awesome throw for its price. I’m glad YYJ is out there, and I’ll certainly buy more of their throws and recommend them to others.

I don’t know much about YYJ… but I do know H3X is quite an amazing yoyo

oh yeah… and they kick butt at competing… Most people overlook how many titles they hold

The Fiesta XX is my favorite 4a throw.

The Phenom is amazing

Their recent throws have looked quite amazing actually. They seem to be getting with the times now.


NO! Theory! This is a YYJ thread, whoever names a different yoyo that is not YYJ will be executed :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

Don’t do this, it will get spammed by IYoyo…

I have always had a love for YoYoJam that not too many people know about. My first unresponsive yoyo was a Dark Magic and from there my first all metal was an Eneme that I loved dearly. I have quite a big collection of YoYoJams ranging from Classics to the Diamondback and love them all. I like the fact that their players genuinely care about customers/the community/everyone and will go out of their way to help and make you happy. Great at competing but have an even more great attitude which you don’t see often.

I played my dm2 for the first time in weeks. It is good, but the phenomizm matches me more