YYJ Saturday!

In honor of one of the most underrated company’s I make Saturday 22nd of February…
YYJ Saturday!

This is a company that produces great yoyos at great prices and still gets forgotten under giants like Duncan and Yoyofactory.
This is our chance as a community to honor what this company has done for us!
Get out your Classics or Dark Magics or Inspires and just have fun.
Remember if you don’t like a YYJ then just try another as there are many great throws out there.

And if you don’t have a YYJ then what are you doing! Get one in your collection!

Feel free to use #YYJSaturday on any instagram or twitter posts and post links to videos, photos here and recommend YYJ yoyo’s here too.

And remember to have fun and keep throwing! ;D

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I always thought YYJ and YYF were pretty similar in size.

Do you mean 22nd of February?

Yes I do and it has been edited. Thank you for pointing that out :smiley:

They are but I was using some artistic license. Sorry for any confusion :wink:

Does anyone wanna trade me a YYJ 1a yoyo so I can join in? Haha. I do have my journey…

Sounds good to me, see it as a fun challenge :wink:
I only have a Cerberus and a Lyn fury so will be using them

Haha i hope I can stand tge complete responsiveness! I’ve really wanted a classic for a while now though.

I got a surge I could join in on this

I already have quite a few YYJ and I throw one during school so I should be good.

The Journey is a fine yoyo. Capable of most any trick you are.

HA! Try ninja vanish.

A poor carpenter blames his tools.

I’ve seen skilled players Ninja Vanish on a fixed axle. :smiley: But that’s not me. Nothing but rapped knuckles for my efforts even when it’s an unresponsive yoyo with a bearing that’s mildly responsive.

I am indeed a poor carpenter, but I’ll tell you what… using a compound mitre saw means that I can get accurate cuts, even if I suck with a hand saw and mitre box. :wink:

Well I have many better tools haha.

Do you really think it’s possible to do ninja vanish on a journey? It is sooo responsive.

Get to use my Aquarius again :smiley:

Mmm turns out my journey is unuseable (no response)…

Tune it. It can be made unresponsive.

W/O removing the response.

Me and my Surge are ready. :smiley:

Can I silicone it?

Yes. I have two that are. Or shave the o-rings flush.