why don't yoyojams sell?

was looking at the cyber Monday deals and it became really apparent. I’ve never tried one, what is it that people don’t care for?

Actually, yoyojam’s sell very well. Thats why stores like yoyoexpert buy many hundreds at a time.

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They sell pretty well, to certain groups of people, i’d imagine Andre’s tutorials alone have sold thousands upon thousands of DMIIs. But at the end of the day, while they probably play great, they’re just really unattractive yoyos. Even their high-end stuff like the Titan is ruined by questionable font choices. That said they’ve gotten a lot better with their newer releases, and moved away from the hideous caps and fonts, so that makes me happy.


I have over 70 YYJ yoyos. Loopers, off-strings, multiples of some. I think they sell pretty well. There are also models I still want to get.

Maybe it’s just that YYE has so many in stock that they didn’t sell out. It’s good stuff. I’ve recently gotten an Inspire and have been playing that today.

I do disagree with NathanC about them not being attractive. Preferences and tastes vary.

Actually, I’ve been eyeing a Trinity for a long time. That guy is sweet looking. But it’s a tank at 69 grams. I’m still debating. And I’ve owned 3 DM2’s. I love that throw. Just like Nathan said, it got me started in the 1A world, thanks to André.

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For me it’s the fact that I know it’ll always be there or at least for a while whereas most other things sellout quickly. So I’m never quick to buy yoyojam whereas something limited I’d be more quick to buy. They just always end up at the bottom of the list.

The Trinity isn’t that bad. During the July 4th sale, I think Andre got hit in the head with a H3X or something because some of the deals were absolutely NUTS!! I finally couldn’t not get a Trinity and I got it for a sweet deal, along with some other goodies. I mean, it was discounted, then I got an additional discount based on regular prices of the items I ordered, so mark-down on top of mark-down.

However, not to dis the Trinity, you could get something else for the same money that is more updated in shape.

I think tomorrow I will mostly play the Trinity.

The only reason why I’ve stayed away from yoyo jams and strayed toward other manufacturers is the shape of the yoyos. To me, a large quantity of them look similar and I really don’t like that. I like my yoyos to be a little more unique.

Also, I’ve grown apart from my DMII for this reason. The shape just isn’t doing much for me.

Yeah the DMII feels good, but that highgap wall…

Dude, get the Trinity. It’s my favorite throw of all time. May look like a tank on paper, but like the Dark Magic, it feels light on the string while still pushing out amazing sleep times.

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Thanks, Chris. I’m still thinking about it. I have a Drop Bear and a Trinity in my cart as we speak. Just have to decide if spending another $105 to get them is worth it. But it works out to $60+ for the Drop Bear and $30+ for the Trinity. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Still thinking… :-\

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They sell well, it’s just the MASSIVE amount Andre stocks so when a bunch of DM2s are bought it looks like only a small amount to what they have.

If you want to know… The dropbear plays IDENTICAL to the format:c by one drop.

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I’ve been curious about the dropbear. Thanks for the input.

Dang it when I’m broke now is the time I had to see this! I won’t a dropbear and a trinity now lol.

As usual, Nathan has hit the nail on the head. Its good that people like YYJ’s, but I haven’t seen a single one that I didn’t think looked terrible. All the fonts/pictures/designs are just offensive to my eyes.

I tend to mostly agree and the ones I like are so night priced that they become a turn off because they’re asking the world for a small pile of fair dirt lol.

I really want a trinity, eneme, and a theory but the prices aren’t to my liking and even used people seem to think they have gold and are expecting near full retail.

Anyone have any of the above for sell inexpensive? Lol

Pm me about the eneme. I have one and trust me I don’t think it’s worth near retail lol

they do a good portion of my case is YYJ because there affordable and play very good for their price IMO you just can’t beat it in that retro-spect plus there all around great company.

Jus’ saying, but I bought 3 Trinities at around $35 each.