What happened to YoyoJam?


What happened to them? They used o be up there with Youofactory and other companies but now I feel that they are kinda dying…
And with Eric Koloski leaving, I’m curious abou what they are doing…

Also, does anyone know wether Takeshi Matsuura is still in YYJ or wether he joined Turning Point?


Well, they haven’t had any new releases lately… Idk


They did release the Odyssey the Firestorm and the new Journey recently


Other than the Diamondback, what yoyos have been selling well lately? Classic, XLR8, Trigger, Theory maybe? They are all cheap good players. YYJ needs to release some newer looking designs. Half of their lineup is bimetals from the 2000-2009 era. They need to move forward with yoyoing like yomega and recently, Duncan.

  • You can only make so many innovative round shapes.
  • The plastic body w/metal rings concept works just fine.


They still make the best off strings out there IMO


YoYoJam has been going strong for 14 years, every six months or so somebody will decide they’re lame and make a thread like this. They aren’t gonna change for you, and they aren’t going anywhere.
Nothing happened to them, I’m pretty sure Dale has a real job.


Yep, he does. Yoyos are a sideline to the business.


Just curious but, do you know what else he does?




Well, that explains what’s up with YYJ.


one thing that I’d say is that their quality standard on their plastics does seem to be degenerating. Their metal rimmed models were once considered high end, and are the premium in the industry until after 2008-09.
My LynFury from 2005, OG speeder and DM from 2006 have all been dinged maybe a hundred times each, with numerous cracks on the bearing seats, hubs and rims, but they still hold dead smooth with any kind of bearings and/or spacers. On the contrary, both my phenomizms and speeder2s came stock with vibe, and although they can be tuned to a degree by luck, the vibe comes back worsened every time after another ding, or even a snap hit on the hand.
I wont even say a thing of they switch to precision machining and/or delrin and double their prices, since Im already buying 2 of each models just hoping that they last as long as a metal and that Id have a better chance getting one without vibe.
Cmon YYJ just because your bimetal models now arent the most illustrious to the eyes, does not mean that you are allowed to screw up these once still amazing designs and throw dem pearls in front of the lowest end market. Just freaking make the stock gap width above 4.3mm and stop dem vibes. (See im not buttmad I didnt even ask for a KK) You’re not Yomega and your bimetal thing is not raider or fireball.


Why so much hate on the Ill Vibes?


Because I assume that they are perfectly capable of manufacturing smooth yoyos since their products from years before did not have vibe?


all I know is the classic is the best yoyo in the world for its price


You forgot the auldeys.


Usually when YYJ does not have a large release for a period of time, it means they are planning something big…


They’re kinda notorious for having ~5mm gaps on several yoyos (first two I checked, DM2 and Inspire for example)… when a C bearing isn’t even that wide!


As far as cracking goes, I don’t think I could break my fiesta XX without water or fire


Well other companies have recently been doing lots of R&D for them. I would not be at all surprised to see YYJ come out with a Stainless Steel rimmed yo-yo very soon; maybe even two.