Yoyojam Fan Club

oh you guys know me so well :3 love ya guys! <3

APRIL FOOLS! I only love you guys as friends.


I wasn’t joking, do you see me laughing? O sorry, you can’t see me…

Yes we know you TO well…

Only one person on forums knows me.

Why is this called a “club” are we meeting up!?

would that be me?!?

2 Classics in the mail. Can’t wait to start 3a after I mod them.

no. You know me in person but you don’t know me

Don’t die thread!

Hate to say this to you but every post by you has been a double post :).

DIE!! DIE!!! JK!!!

I have a yellow no solid pin axle Atmosphere. Worth anything?

isn’t worth anything, you should just give it to me.

I need to buy a classic and some pads

I love and dislike YYJ. For me, when I play one of their throws it is great or far from it, I can’t explain it. I’d be getting a Next Level if it weren’t for the Summit.

My first yoyo was a YYJ. Many fond memories learning how to throw.

Thats a huge mistake,…

YYJ is good but they are not the best.

there is no best,… But YYJ does have the best bi-metals(because they have a patend) the have the best diamond patend too ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of YYJ. They got me into serious yoyoing. My first 1a yoyo was a Legacy, which I still have. Also picked up one of these


that’s one sexy H3X. I’m getting one at BAC. The wait is killing me.

Can’t wait for a YYE edition H3X

H3X is freakin’ awesome. And definitely a real looker. Those rings hypnotize me sometimes