fave yoyo

What your fave throw?

Dream-Yo Lion. YYJ Speeder 2. YYR Sleipnir. OD 54. Crucial Confection. RecRev Mangaroo and Electric Daisy. C3 Di Base. Chico Manimal. ILYY Falcon. Shinwoo Techno. YYJ DMII. YYS Stalker.
There was never just one.

New yoyoers can’t understand this yet.

if i had to choose my top three id go with Trinity,Go Big, and Dark Magic
I live for yyj

it says it next to EVERONES avatar. Why is this thread here.

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You obiously havent seen my avatar and he may be using a mobile device

My favorite throw is a YYF DNA or a YYJ PHENOM.

code 2 :slight_smile:


well, mine is the yyf genesis. and my username is genesis! how funny?


I removed mine because of threads like this.

Well, mine was Genesis but now I can’t decide if it’s Severe champion collection edition or Genesis.

not a good thing.

Considering my options… I’ll go with “fave yoyo” :stuck_out_tongue:

in all seriousness, the Avalanche.

I made up my mind, the severe is my favorite.

Awesome picks guys.

thanks alot :slight_smile:

  1. Zyzygy (or however it’s spelled)
  2. Deadly Spins Wrath

You know I also LOVE the H.O.T.

Widest yoyo ever!!! :o

Also the chief.

(Made by CLYW)


Fave yoyo (the second one)