Your Favorite Throws

Just thought id c what throws are real popular. I only have a few throws myself so my list is kinda small. :wink:

  1. TP Positron
  2. MonkeyFinger Evil Yo
  3. ILYY Noctu
  4. YYJ Phenom
  5. YoyoEmpire Venus (AMAZING $40 THROW)
  1. Majesty
  2. Genesis
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  1. Tied between a Project two ive had for 3 years now or broken in stock FHZ

Chief and my Dietz

They’re just too good.

Btw, I think the Dietz is a better yo-yo than the Chief.

Arctic Circle is my all around favorite for sure. As for the other top 4, hard to decide, but Chief, Canvas, Peak, and Avalanche.


Chief puffin

General Yo KLR, Majesty, Torrent 2 and the Code 1 by One Drop.

Dark Magic
Speed Freak

For nostalgic reasons mostly but they are just really good yoyos, especially the pro and genesis.

yoyojam classic and clyw avalanche

YYF Superwide
N5 Desperado

code 1

  1. Chief
  2. Chief
  3. Chief
  4. Chief
  5. Chief
  6. Chief
  7. Chief
  8. Chief
  9. Chief
  10. One Drop Code1

Flying V, Shuriken, Speedmaker and Luchador

  1. Chief
  2. '09 Genesis
  3. Supernova
  4. Cliff
  5. Modded Yomega Hotshot :wink:
  1. OD Cascade
  2. YYJ Phenom
  1. Torrent 2
  2. Di base
  3. Shaquler star

Ava, puffin, code 2, majesty, wrath… The list goes on and on!

The V

  1. 2012 ILYY Fury
  2. YYJ PHENOMizm
  3. Werrd Poo 8)
  4. YYF 888x
  5. God Tricks Destiny