Your Favorite Throws

Anything RecRev
YYR Sleipnir
YYJ Speeder 2.

Is that really a pic of a ford focus when your name has koenigsegg in it ??? Well anyway i got a new 3rd place- OD Cascade.

Pure, Punchline, Ronin, Juvenile Offender, Sceptre.

Evos inspired 2015 Mustang concept.

O wow i feel stupid i thought that was the new astonmartinish looking ford. my bad :smiley:

ILYY E1NS, General Yo Hatrick, Spyy Addiction, Spyy El Ranchero

I keep a 12 yo-yo case with my mains in it. These get the most play at the moment:

  1. DMII
  2. El Ranchero
  3. Chief
  4. Avalanche
  5. Exit8
  6. Catalyst (Harold Owens Edition)
  7. Burnside
  8. MarkMont Next (sodablasted)
  9. Genesis 2012
  10. Oxy Ti 9.06
  11. MonkeyFist
  12. Dibase/or Entheos

DM 1 and 2
Loop 900 720 1080
X-con Pro
And the destiny.

CLYW Chief
OD Dang
CLYW Puffin
CLYW Avalanche

Code2, chief, burnside, cascade, supernova