What is your favorite yoyo?

My favorite is the super G

There’s a side bar that tells you everyone’s.

Please refrain from starting too many topics please?


I see no problem. This post isn’t the first of its kind and hes new and was probably trying to make friends. Im sure he knows its on the sidebar and thats why his is there to. So the only reason to create such a thread is to talk to people and be open. Not trying to flame, just pointing it out since it seams you missed the point.

And the fact that a lot of people here list companies and not specific yoyos as their favorite it becomes a legitimate question.

And there can never be too many topics about yoyos. Yoyos are awesome.

My favorite is the one drop cascade. Perfect for my preferences. Can’t do better for me. ;D


actually, my favorite yoyo changes daily almost, and i don’t want to up date it every day, and i know that a lot of people are the same way.

My favorite throw that will never change is the Moonwalker.
My throw that i use the most is the Arctic Circle
The one i have the most fun throwing is my Clash.

That I own and don’t own-
General Yo KLR
OD Cascade
OD Code 2
CLYW Chief
General Yo Essence
Rec Rev TA-1
General Yo 5 Star
YYJ Trigger

i like the dropbear and canvas

My favorite is my RecRev Oktave 3, with a crucial v2 or spec bearing in. That set up is absolutely fantastic. http://img.tapatalk.com/4cebe907-6589-0c48.jpg
I also really really enjoy my code 1 and 2012 rockstar

Dark Sonic :slight_smile: No BBed


my heart skipped a beat when i saw this :-\

you don’t say!

Kind of a twist, I figured it’d be the Gfunk.

My DMII, always my first love. I also enjoy the YYF Genesis, One Drop Burnside, YYF Catalyst, C3 DiBase, One Drop MMN, Shinwoo Zen 4, and Duncan Exit 8. I have a 12 yo-yo YYE Contest bag that I carry my mains in. I prefer heavier throws, unless they play different than the specs might dictate.