What's your favorite yoyo?

what’s your favorite yoyo?
mine is the shutter JDS currently but I have ordered the perigrine and it’s coming soon I am so excited.


One Drop Top Deck


I honestly can’t decide. My daily carry is the K.O., but the Iceberg, JDS Shutter, Triple Point, Speedaholic MAX, Vulcan and Expedition are all more capable throws for most tricks. The K.O. is just a good balance of size, flashiness, resistance to nicks (it rides on my belt so occasionally contacts the world, SS rims are great bumpers) and challenging edge (the fact that it’s not great at things like fingerspins force me to become a better player).

If I had to pick the one I cherish the most, it would be the Triple Point. Not only because it’s a great player and amazing quality, but also because it was a gift from a forum member and reminds me why I keep giveaway plastics with me when I’m throwing in public, to send along with budding throwers who happen by and show interest.
Not sure what the exchange rate is for beginner plastics vs. a premium monometal but I’m sure it’s high so I’ll be happily paying that one forward for the foreseeable future!

Anyway that’s why I think that one would have to be my pick for “favorite” if I had to choose.
Don’t tell my other yoyos.





If i had to pick one and use it for the rest of my life? yoyofriends peregrine

but if i had a top 5 rotation, i’d include the hummingbird, banshee SS, yoyorec ineviteable, and honestly the new yoyorec skyfish. I haven’t been able to put down the skyfish since i got it. seems like all my favorite throws are very close in spec and design


I have an Overall Favorite, which has not changed in the ~4 years I’ve been yoyoing, and a Favorite du Jour which potentially changes on a daily basis.

My Overall Favorite is the One Drop VTWO.

My Favorite du Jour atm is the YYR Inevitable.


I can understand your affection for the JDS. I’ve been throwing these as 5A pretty much exclusively lately.

As for my favorite?

It depends on my mood but notable favorites include the Retic Death Adder v2, YoYo Friends Magpie, my new RSO The End Ti, C3 Omnitron Noah, the Dressel Assassin…I may have too many throws.

Just kidding. :grin:



Yoyojam X-convict Marine Blue.


One Drop Kuntosh 5kQV


This is the correct answer.

Too hard to pick just one for me. Sorry in advance for the wall of text lmao

3 most sentimental: Butter (2nd anniversary gift from my girlfriend, also one of my favorite performing throws), Hatrick (first “high end”/boutique throw that I got at Nationals in 2009, tons of nostalgia and memories associated with this thing), my gold Grail

Favorite classic throw: Peak

Favorite organics: MCMO and Grail

Favorite performing bimetals: Draupnir, WISH

Favorite performing monometals: Free Solo, Kuntosh 5KQV

Most used: Panorama, Diorama


Overall favorite, the one that simply takes the cake, the one desert island throw, the yoyo halves deserving of infinite bearings and strings, titles titles,

OD Rebirth

If you’ll allow that to be my favorite monometal, then the bimetal has to be the one known in my household as the golden snitch of yoyos, that which has no regard for the laws of speed, titles titles,


But to live a life with these two throws alone would be to only see things in two colors, eat only two favorite foods for all seven meals every day, listen two only two musical artists, etc. etc.


Perpetual- by Motion :slight_smile:


The Red Blood Cell, with the original Tom Kuhn SB-2 in close second.

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G2 Al6 Valhalla + YYF BiND


I’m a simple man, only one favourite yoyo here.

The OPYOYO Spright. Truly a masterpiece. It’s basically magic how OPYOYO managed to fit so much power into a 55g yoyo that it doesn’t feel like a typical light yoyo and is more stable than some bimetals out there. @chaosgow is a master at making light yoyos.


G2 warthog

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Admittedly not well-versed, but I really like the Amusing by AceYo. So much so that I have 2 gen 1s, a gen 2 and have a bimetal waiting at the post office. Just really love the shape, weight and play of it.

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Pick a favorite?

They’re all my favorites…ok so maybe a couple of them less so. But at least half of them are my favorite.


Right now it would be the original Unspoken Honey Badger. Compact, comfortable. It might change tomorrow.