What's your favorite throw?

I decided to make this post to see what everyone is loving right now. As a. Young yoyoer I want to know peoples favorites!

That we own? Or have tried? My favorite I own is my supernova, that I have tried… Maybe a summit, CZM84VK, and I dont know, can’t decide (your probably gonna get the “I can’t decide” answer alot)



right now, I’d say sOMEThING Addiction

USA Hatrick

It’s hard to pick an overall favorite. My top 3 are the Draupnir, Prestige, and Bonfire.

Shutter then rally

That I own? Yeti or Cliff. That I’ve played? Canvas.

Own: prodigy

Used: YYJ Next Level

Bearing -White Delrin Severe.
Fixie -NoJive 3in1

Used- One drop OG blasted Project.

Own- Chief

Favorite owned has to be wooly marmot

Fav tried is the sleipnir

YoyoFactory Hubstacked Genesis.

I think the yoyomonster checkmate is my favorite feeling throw but the 07 spingear 888 is very nostalgic

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Shutter, but i havent tried any high ends. Favorite bearing?? Probably CTs. Favorite string? Crocostrings.

I haven’t tried anything high end other than the shutter, so it’s the shutter

The shutter isnt high end, but apparantly it plays like it is.

Oh, I’ll try a high end and see how much better.