What is your favorite throw?

Mine is AC2



Unless you are on mobile, you should see under the forum members’ profile picture. One Drop Valor :slight_smile:

yoyofactory g funk. though you could have just looked at their profile

Not yours. Lol. Mine is pretty much up to date. SPYY Amplifier.

Yomega Glide

No it’s not.

yes it is and chief

USA hatrick .

Either the Yeti or Chief. Don’t know, getting a Cliff soon so we will so how that is. :slight_smile:

Right now I can’t really pick a favorite. Mostly because I’m still in the honeymoon phase with all of my 6 yoyos that I’ve bought since I started back up about 5 weeks ago. This may get a bit long winded, but here’s why I have 6 favorites.

My Shutter was my first new yoyo. Absolutely great first aluminum/unresponsive. My stomach dropped when it earned its first battle scars, but now it’s been designated as my “drunkyo” because I dinged it when I was a bit buzzed, and now I don’t feel bad about being reckless with it. It’s still completely smooth, so I’m going to definitely keep it, but I’m also looking at picking up a Shu-ta so I have a pristine (albeit slightly different) copy.

Next purchase was my CZM8. Again, a great beginner to get me back into it. I love how it plays, and love how it looks in bright blue with neon pink splash. The design is just so simple and angular that I can’t help but like it.

After that, I splurged and bought my first $100+ yoyo when I really shouldn’t have. That yoyo is my Orbitron 5000. I regretted purchasing it in a couple days, because I felt I spent too much for a hobby I was just getting back into. However, after playing with it for about another week, it became apparent to me that it was absolutely awesome. It introduced me to high end yoyos, and I absolutely love the super clean organic shape of it, as well as the muted bronze finish. Absolutely stunning yoyo.

After buying the Orbitron I thought I would be content for quite a while. That changed immediately when the Deep Space Summits were announced. I nabbed the second to last one, and couldn’t be happier. I hope to eventually buy more yoyos in this colorway, because it’s my absolute favorite that I’ve seen so far on any yoyo. Besides the looks, it also plays really great, and I think side effects are the perfect axle system. I plan on buying a bunch of variations of them in the future just for variety.

Again, once I bought the Summit, I thought I was good to go for a really long time. That changed when I swung through a local shop. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, and just wanted to check out what they had in stock. Well, turns out they had a SPYY Supra on hand. They let me try it, and I was instantly sold. First, I loved the shape. Second, the size pulled me in, because it is my first undersized yoyo. Third, it’s in the champagne acid wash color, which I think looks great on it. Lastly, it’s made by SPYY, and since I learned they are now out of business when I bought the Orbitron, I knew I was gong to take it home.

At that point, I really thought I was set. Wrong again. Learned about the 4th of July sale, and I caved. Picked up a Bapezilla.2, because from the moment I saw it, I knew I eventually wanted to buy one. At $145, I was planning on waiting a few months. But at 20% off, I decided it was the right price. So far it’s been a labor of love to slowly buff the gap so that it doesn’t chew through strings like a teething puppy through chew toys. Buff, a few throws, buff, a few throws, rinse, repeat. Through the hours I’ve spent taming this little monster, I think it may very well develop into my favorite throw, but for now it’s all still up in the air. I also swapped out the Anti-yo SEs with the ultralight SEs that came with my Summit, which gave the Bapezilla a bit more float (also allows me to utilize the IRG, because I have big, thick fingers and couldn’t grind with the stock SEs), and the Summit a bit less float…perfect swap in my opinion so far.

So yeah, right now I’ve got 6 favorite throws. I expect that to change soon when the honeymoon phase wears off with a few of them, but for now I can’t decide on one.

I’ve got three ;D
YYF Whip - my first yoyo that “got” me into yoyoing tricks, not just the responsive side
Magic Yoyo N12 - my first and only metal, got for my IB Project 8)
YYF CZM8 - my dream yoyo, IDK why I like it so much but the way it looks and plays makes me want it so much…

If only there was some place in our bio that could tell you that?

Hint Hint


Wooly marmot 2
Gnarwhal 2

Diffusion 2

what Colorway? I want a cliff so bad😱



Valor, El Ranchero