Favorite YoYos!


Post your most favorite throws and least favorite!:smile::smiley::smile::smiley:


Most Favorite: Summit

Least Favorite: Metal Drifter, but that really isnโ€™t fair cause its a beginner yoyo.


Most: G-squared Triton

Least: DV888


How do you hate the dv888 0.0

Favorite: Puffin

Least: popstar not sure if this is fair because its a mini but i hated it ao much


Most is MVP

Least Is 888x


Most: Capless or Silly Goose

Least: PGM


/code 1.

that gumball yoyoโ€ฆ


Favorite: Dark sonic

Least favorite: Dv888


Favorite: summit (tried it many times, going to get one in a little bit)
Least : either dv888 orโ€ฆ Yomega xodus 2 XD


Most: Either Al5 or Arctic Circle
Least: Metal Zero


Yoyo perfection:

Donโ€™t really have a least favourite that stands out to me. Maybe the Xodus 2โ€ฆ



Least favorite? Yet to find a duncan that i can stand. >_<;


most favorite mr butcher
least favorite clyw avalanche

(SR) #14

Most Favorite- General Yo Model 10 and Majesty
Least Favorite- YYF AGII


Most Favorite- Cliff
Least- SPYY Ronin


Most: yoyorecreation Draupnir
Least: CLYW Chief


Most Favorite: Crucial Dulce
Least Favorite: Axle Bent Protostar.


Favorite: dback, summit or puffin

Least favorite: Genesis

(kclejeune) #19

Favorite(s): Summit, Albatross

Least favorite: yomega maverick
Ok fine a least favorite slightly high end is maybe the pop star. I donโ€™t really hate anything high end to be honest


Favorites: Chief, Severe, Lunar Wind

Least Favorite: Pacquio

Only from my high ends of courseโ€ฆ Even the pacquio was decent, it just wasnt great. I havent found a high end that i actually hated yet ;D