Fav and Least fav


So I am not trying to decide what throw to get next, I just want to see what your favorite and least favorite throw is. I will start.

Fav: DM 2 and the echo

Least fav: it would probably be the brain


best: G funk, skyline, dietz
worst: a rock with a string tied to it

i have pretty weird prefenences. just saying.


You’ve been around long enough to know not to ask questions like best/worst. And that’s the TRVTH

What you’re asking is what are your favorites and least liked yoyos.

Favorite changes. It can range from a $10 yoyo through $350 depending on my mood.

Least favorite: Doesn’t really exist.



id give you a thank you to both of you, but im on the app and im too lazy to get on the browser :stuck_out_tongue: