wats ur fav yyj yoyo and least fav
fav blue bolt awesome 5a player
least the dark magic cus the first time i used it the body cracked and it fell apart :’( and shattered to 23 peices and yes i counted

Favorite: Hitman
Least Favorite (that I’ve thrown): Speeder :stuck_out_tongue: WAYYYY to light

Favorite: DM or Mini Motu I like them both alot.
Least Favorite: Big Ben Eh, way better than the Xodus II for offstring but still.

Favorite: Either ENEME or Night Moves 5.
Least: Black Knight

Least people who hates yoyojam products

Fav - my dm!!
Least - none there awesome

Fav: Hitman
Least Fav: X-convict

Fav: Lyn Fury

Least Fav: Speed Maker.

Favorite: Hitman
Least: kickside/speeder (they’re tied for last place)

I’ve only ever thrown two YYJs so this is easy.

Favorite: Lyn Fury

Least Fav: Kickside (though I do like it a lot for responsive play)

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Fav legacy dm

Least fav speeder

My favorite YoYoJam would have to be the Eneme.

My least favorite, probably the Black Knight

Favorite: PHENOMizm.
Least Favorite: Black Knight

Favorite: Meteor
Least Favorite: None…

Fav: X-Con, DMv1, and Kickside
Least Fav: Lyn Fury

Favorite - SR-71
Least Favorite - EVO

Favorite: Eneme
Least Favorite: Journey


Least- Minimotu/speedmaker/speeder

Those are the only three that I don’t like that I have tried. Well the revolution isn’t my cup of tea either.

You’ve thrown one?

Favorite for 4A: dual starburst kickside

No he just wants one. I was afraid to ask because he’d PM me about it lol