Best YYJ yoyo

Pick which YYJ yoyo is the best.

Not again. Please go look at all the review that these awesome people have spent their precious time on. They don’t write those just for the heck of it. They write them for people like you that have questions like this.

Reason why.

Its very hard for someone to say what the best yoyo is when there is too much opinion involved.
Its like asking someone what the best soda is. They may say coke but you might hate coke.
Catch my drift?

Now my personal favorite is the Legacy.

I just did it for fun and i wanted to know everyone’s opinion

as always…NM5 or Axiom

Well if you really want to know, then complete the options with the rest of YYJ.

My favorite is the Spinfaktor HG.

for the ones I have tried it would have to be the black knight. For ones I haven’t tried it would be the nm5.

He did it for teh lulz.

YYJ Dark Magic

This one for this reason.

X-ConVict and K-os Extreme are my favorites.

My favorite is the Jamboo

but honorable mentions are…


The Eneme.

If you disagree, you’re wrong.

Perfect weight, size, shape, and finish. It screams awesome loud enough that your dead ancestors can hear it.

I can’t even believe that YYJ would make such a thing. I almost can’t talk about it. I’ve been throwing it non-stop for a while now, as I see no current reason to ever throw anything else. I can literally just grind with it for hours at a time, let alone actually going as far as to do a string trick with it.

If you actually saw it in real life, your eyes would melt out of your skull. I play blind now.

X-convict and hitman.

It’s suite my style, My preference Weight, Size, and shape. Thanks JD!~ :smiley:


Speedmaker, Sunsets and of course Aquarius.