Your opinion of BEST YOYO!

just post the best yoyo and why!

Agape-dimension not to big, very wide easy to catch spins longest on string, super stable, not to solid or floaty. shape makes it very comfortable in palm. mines blasted so longest grinding yoyo iv played also. it just matches what im looking for. i have yoyos coming but its gonna be hard for something to replace it as my main throw. thats just my opinion.

for me the best yoyo is G5 with konkave ceramic bearing with 100% poly string black red white twisted with red dicestacks. it spins like 5ish mins and is beyond stable n wide gap metal that feels great, awesome shape n great feel

I’m just going to write it for you…


There is, however, yoyos that I prefer over others. So far, that is my Avalanche. It fits my preferences well. Fast, floaty, smooth, and fun. my kind of yoyo

Preinfalk…He did ask your opinion of the yoyo YOU THINK is best. We know it may change.

Ah… I didn’t read the title, I read the first post =P

Personally I think the Yomerica Spindustries Planet 9 is an incredible throw

For me it’s my OneDrop MMN, but I might change my mind after I get the Code 1.

A Duncan Butterfly.

Chloe Grace Moretz

General Yo Hattrick
Small, good weight, perfect finish.

In my opinion, there is no best, cause there are only terrible yoyos, and less terrible yoyos.

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My faroite yoyo(s) Pretty much all of teh YYR Line.

I love the shape and feel of them. they are made from 7075 Aluminum. gives them a solid feel.

No matter what your preferences are there is a YYR that will fit you. Only thing you need to like is the shape. If the shape fits you there is one in the line up with your size, weight spec.

I love the Dreadnought and Messiah. Both are very heavy, stable, depending on my feeling that day I either got withteh small or the Big throw.

Price then also becomes a factor.

On a Budget, Phenom or Phenomizm for me. I find the Phenomizm feels a little heavier, but the Phenom is a lot smoother. Both are amazing though. My Phenomizm is my travel yo. Cheap enough if it gets beat up It’s cool.

Hspin FTW
Love the original shapes all play well.

For me it has to be the String Theory Remnant 2 for the finish is great for grinding (its similar to the hatrick’s) the weight is perfect fior me giviing a nice solid feel on and off the string and the size is awesome, nice and undersized.