Which one is the best YoYoJam yo-yo (besides The Dark Magic)?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #1

Out of all the styles of play, which one do you prefer?


I dont like any of those, compared to the X-Convict, it is a great yoyo, and if it were up there, I would vote for the X-Convict


I’m confused. :-\ This question is asking which style of play you like best (1A, 2A, 3A, etc.), while your title and poll are asking which is the best YYJ yo-yo.

By the way, I think there is no “best” yo-yo, because it is based off of personal preference.

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #4

I’m sorry. :’( I mean out of all the styles you can do with those yo-yo’s which one do you prefer. Is that better


it depends on what you like.