Best yoyo


There is no best yoyo.


This one because.



My personal favorites in order!

  1. BK2
  2. DM
  3. Atmos.
  4. Campfire.
  5. Bassollope.


I’ve heard many things about “What’s the best yoyo”
And some of us (maybe many) already tried to tell you guys that there is no best yoyo…

Different yoyo=Different characteristic
Different characteristic=Different style
Different style=Different person

So, every yoyo has the different characteristic, and it’s up to you to pick which one do you like…
Example:I like the New Breed because it’s wide and big, but my friends hate it because they said it was too big.

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best yoyo for you might not be for someone else
prefrence :wink:

Ben Mcphee said MY 888.

Guys, maybe it’s one of those posts where they’re tryong to ask which one they should get.
If that’s what you’re asking I would go with the Campfire or the Basselope from your options.

If this is not one of those posts and you really just want to know which one is better, there is no better like stated before.
All depends on style, preferences, and the player himself/herself.

Again there is no best yoyo.

people prefer different things.

none of these yoyos are any better than any other, because i may prefer one, while you may not like it very much. if you are looking for which yoyo you want, then say your preferences. if it is a poll to see what most people prefer, then you might want to edit the title.

I did a most preferred yoyo back awhile ago, but you really can’t have a best yoyo. Anyways, your list doesn’t even include my favorite! >:(,2901.0.html 888 won by far. 25%

YoYoBlaze, why should he get one of those?

But that’s YOU…
Not him…


That’s true. I’m sorry for posting my preferences.

Oh ouch. :stuck_out_tongue: No, continue to do so, but sometimes we are wrong, and it happens regularly.

it depends on ur preference in shape size weight its up to u there is no #1