What is the Best Yo-Yo, IN YOUR OPINION, for Each Style?

Ok, I was wondering, what everybody thinks the best yo-yo, or yo-yos, for each style is. I am NOT posting a poll because that has not worked in previous ones. I also made sure to say IN YOUR OPINION, so people do not get into arguments. Please only post one yo-yo name for each style, but you can say the same yo-yo for multiple styles though. This is what I want the format of your posts to be, please, so it does not get clogged with un-needed posts.

1a:(insert yo-yo name here) (optional comment on why you chose it)
2a:(insert yo-yo name here) (optional comment on why you chose it)
3a:(insert yo-yo name here) (optional comment on why you chose it)
4a:(insert yo-yo name here) (optional comment on why you chose it)
5a:(insert yo-yo name here) (optional comment on why you chose it)

1a: Grind machine yoyofactory
2a: Sunset Trajectory

1A (String Tricks) Dark Magic, 888
2A (Looping Tricks) Sunset Trajectory
4A (Offstring) Aquarius
5A (Freehand) Magnesium, Velocity

2A:Modded Raiders

2A:Sunset Trajectory NXG

As you can see, the eight/8/eight won. :slight_smile:

Mongoriller, there is no “BEST” yo-yo. It comes down to what you preferences are, and what’s best to YOU.

The following are MY choices, and why I like them. My opinion may not be the same as yours.

1A: YoYoJam X-ConVict - I just love the shape of this yo-yo. It’s wide and smooth and can be set up to someone’s preference easily. Plus, It has great grinds (Especially when satined)!

2A: YoYoJam Sunset Trajectory NXG’s - I like the shape of them. They loop well due to their excellent response system (I like them better siliconed). Their weight distribution is awesome, and they aren’t too heavy.

3A: YoYoJam Kickside and YoYoJam Speedmaker - A pair on any of these are wonderful for 3A. They’re both plastic, so they’re durable and won’t “CLANG” when they hit. They are both a moderate size, so they can maneuver easily. They’re both Hybrid response, so if you have two, there are many different response combinations you can have. They both have different weight and shapes, so just pick which one you like better.

4A: YoYoJam Dark Magic - This is my favorite 4A yo-yo, because I do 4A “grind” tricks. The metal rims on this yo-yo make grinding easy. Plus, it’s big enough to make 4A possible, but small enough to challenge your skill. My favorite after the DM would be the BigYo.

5A: This is my main style, so I have a lot of favorites. I like heavier, and full sized yo-yo’s that are durable. However, sometimes there are exceptions. Here are some of my 5a favorites: YoYoJam Kickside, YoYoJam Black Knight, Duncan Freehand Zero, Duncan Freehand 2.

(Sorry my post is so long! ;D)

1a: Pure or BvM
2a: Speed Beetles
3a: dont do it
4a: hayabusa
5a: Pure, PGM or FHZ

1a: Preference
2a: Preference
3a: Preference
4a: Preference
5a: Preference

Yep :slight_smile:

I had a thread exacly like this but…

1a:Skyline,DNA or M1/Hectic
4a: hayabusa

1a dv888
i just like the shape, the long sleep times, and the ultimate GRINDAGE!!! grinds like butter in my palm and slides on my arm, the thumb grinds are great too! (its verry stable and has an edge to it that makes it go fast!) ;D
2a sunset
it is nice, stable, and has been used to win competitions. :smiley:
3a sigma blade zwei
(i dont 3a but i have tried this yo and the shape, weight, and everything is great for 3a.) :wink:
4a aquaris
long sleep times, stable, nice look, and it is a nice yoyo. :slight_smile:
5a trainwreck
shape is duh bomb and sleep times are killer. ::slight_smile:

But the thread title says “IN YOUR OPINION,” so your response doesn’t work at all.

Hahaha! QFT!

well, my fave yoyos change often.

But as of right now.

1A: SPYY Radian mk3.
I have always wanted a yoyo that had some good weight to it, is smooth on the string, and had a raw finish.
My mk3 fits the preference perfectly.
Its pretty much how I would want a yoyo if I were able to make my own metal.

2A: Yomega modded raiders.
I love my raiders, they are the most balanced and smooth loopers I have ever thrown. They really helped me improve my 2A quite a bit. they probably are the reason that 2A is now my favorite style.
Love those yoyos.

3A: Born Crucial Milks.
I have been doing 3A for quite a while, but never really felt comfortable with the yoyos I was throwing.
But then I found Milks. They are perfect for me, they spin long and smooth, have nice binds, and dont grip the string like some of the other yoyos I was using did.
They are my 3A throws.

4A. Yoyojam Bigyos.
Man I love em. They have such a nice feel when you throw them, and they are easy to catch when you are trying big catch tricks.
But they are also good for regens, which makes up much of my 4A style.
They are quite durable, and no 4A yoyo can bounce like they can.
Bigyo’s win!

5A: Yomega Hotshot and FAST 401k.
Both quite good.
I use my hotshot when I am trying to do more flashy 5A tricks, and my 401k when I am feeling tech tricks.
Both very smooth on the string and fly with the dice in a wonderful way.
Great 5A yoyos.

Soloham: Yoyojam Aquarius!
Cant beat the soloham play of two Aquas.
Very smooth on the string, and small enough not to get in the way but big enough to be easy to catch.

these are my preferances.
Not saying they are the best, but for me, they are at the moment.


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1a: Meteor. It has the perfect shape to perfectly fit my fingers in, and feels comfortable to hold. It also has the perfect shape, a V shape, to cut into strings for tricks like ladder escape easily. It also has perfect beadblasting. Its anno is almost perfect. The caps are perfect.

2a: Speedbeetle. This owns all other loopers imho. It has an extremely light weight. It is uber responsive with new stickers. It is perfect.

3a: Sigma Blade Zwei. It was made my Daisuke Shimada, therefore it is perfect. It has a perfect shape for perfect 3a play, and cuts in and out of strings very easily. It has the same shape as speeder, and is a perfect V shape, and is 7/10 as wide as the Dark Magic. It also has a cool name. Did i mention that it was perfect because it was made by Shima?

4a: Fast Offstring. Nothing to be said here.

5a: Freehand Mg. It is indestructable, and is made of magnesium. It is $350, so it is perfect.

1A: 888, Wasabi and Mary.
2A: Sunset Trajectory NXG
3A: never tried
4A: Legacy and Freehand
5A: Aquarius

keep spinning


1A: Pyro
2A: Loop 720
3A: Never thrown 3a a day in my life.
4a: Bigyo
5a: FH1

1A Right now, The Cream. I love response, and it is made of Derlin so it is not as expensive. It has effects of metal but cheaper, they are coming out for 60$, I’d rather have one of these than a 888 or SuperStar right now. Fits all of my needs right now.

2A Loop 720, Umm … it’s great and smooth?

3A I don’t 3A much, but I use a PGM and Legacy… only ones I have used and I am willing to use.

4A Hayabusa!!

5A I never play…

I realized that I never posted my response! These are just the yo-yos that I use for each style, because I’m not totally sure what is the best because I haven’t used many, that’s the reason I started this thread.

1a: Dark Magic
2a: I don’t play 2a
3a: I don’t play 3a
4a: Aquarius
5a: Legacy

4A:its b/w aquiarius and hayabusa
5A: legacy

1A: Hitman
2A: Wooden yoyos
3A: Don’t play
4A: Don’t play
5A: Speedmaker