What is your favorite yoyo for each style?

Title says it all.

1a:Skyline,DNA or M1
2a:Imperials :stuck_out_tongue:
4a: hayabusa

What’s your’s?

From what I have:

1a: Speeder
2a: Wood Vermont Resort yoyos
3a: Speeder, Speed Maker
5a: Speed Maker

1A: 888, DM
2A: Sunset Trajectory
3A: Legacy
4A: Aquarius
5A: Magnesium, Legacy, Velocity, FH

1a: L3
2a: brain/stealthfire ha (don’t do it much)
3a: N/a
4a: Spinfaktor HG, DM
5a: Spinfaktor HG

You have a magnesium? Nice.

Do you have one?

I heard they are one of the most expensive yo-yos ever

1A: Legacy
2A: John’s INcredible Pizza’s yoyos
3A: Never Tried it
4A: Undecided
5A: Speedmaker

They are the second most expensive in the U.S.,the Catch 22 is the most expensive.

I do not own a Magnesium. :’( I wish I did but I don’t. I just know that the Freehand MG is the best yo-yo for that. Sorry for any confusion.

That’s fine,I was just wondering,I would be like :o :o

:smiley: Chris

John’s Incredible Pizza Yo-Yo. I have 2 of them, they stink so bad. Good for SOME looping, though. Sunset Trajectory is the best in my opinion.

Lol,it’s probably the only loopers he has,I never even herd of them…

1a: Wooly Marmot and Bassolope. Peak and BVM barely behind.
2a: Loop 720s
3a: Peaks, BVMs
4a: Aquarius
5a: Peak, Bassolope.

1a: Peak
2a: Modded Raiders
3a: Kickside,DM
4a: Aquarius
5a: Modded FHZ

2ASunset trajectory’s
3ANever tried it
4ABig yo

Keep it spinning™

1a superstar or m1
2a butterfly
3a never tried
4a hyabussa
5a pgm or mini motu

1A Dark Magic, X Con, Legacy, 888, Milk, FreeHand, Spinfactor HG,
2A Sunset Trajectory N.X.G’s.
3A Never tried.
4A Aquarius
5A Legacy, sometimes Dark Magic.

keep spinning


1A: legacy…so far.
2A: st nxg
3A: not my syle, but i think a speeder would be nice
4A: dont really have any off string yoyos, but suprisingly the pgm works well. a pull starts really gets it spinning
5A: pgm


1A Legacy
2A Loop 720
3A Legacy and x-convict
4A Hayabusa
5A 888

1a. DV888, Legacy
2a. Sunset Trajectory (only 2a yoyo i have played)
3a. Two Dark Magics
4a. Bigyo, Aqua
5a. Legacy

1a- Superstar, Peak, BvM
2a- Speed Beetles
3a- never tried it
4a- Black Knight
5a- X-convict