Favorate yo-yos for every style


Ok, I know that there have been topics like this in the past, but opinions change. So what are your favorite yo-yos for every style of yo-yoing?

Mine are-

1a- Skyline, Peak, Superstar, BvM, and Luchador

2a- Speed Beetles

3a- N/A

4a- Big Ben

5a- Plastic grind machine and X-convict

(Shisaki) #2

1A: M1, P2

2A: N/A

3A: N/A

4A: N/A


(Jesse) #3

Keep in mind, these are only yo-yos that I own.

1a: M1
2a: None
3a: None
4a: Aquarius
5a: M1, PGM


1A: Freehand Zero, 888

5A: M1, Freehand Zero, Trainwreck, 888


Yup, my faves has defenantly changed!

0A:Speed Bettle
1/2A: Legacy
1A: Peak
3A:DNA/ Peak
5A: Modded Freehand 2


1A: Black Knight or Cream
2A: Loop 720
3A: Black Knights
4A: Hayabusa or Offstring
5A: HotShot or Dark Magic


1A: GeneralYo 5Star
2A: N/A
3A: N/A
4A: N/A
5A: N/A

(Johnny T) #8

1A: 888, DV888, L3
2A: Sunset Trajectories
3A: DarkMagic
4A: Aquarius
5A: Legacy

(SR) #9

1A: PGM, X-ConVict, DM
2A: Sunset Trajectories
5A: Kickside, DM


1A: Minimo-tu, XconVict,pgm.

(ed) #11

0a - no jive
1a - no jive, flying v
2a - loops, sunsets, no jives(!), pulses… can’t choose.
3a - fhz’s
4a - bigyo
5a - pistolero


1a-One drop M1
4a-YYJ Aquarius


1a my hectic


1A - Dark Magic. I prefer this over my meteor and PGM.
2A - Pulse. I like it better than NXG’s.
3A - N/A
4A - F.A.S.T. Offstring. I like it better than aquarius.
5A - N/A


Just curious, what’s the 0a and 1/2a?


0A is looping with one hand.
1/2A is doing tricks with only 1 half of a 1a yoyo. Not sure exactly how thats supposed to work, but its something along those lines.



0A: Sunset Trajectory
1A: Speeder
2A: Sunset Trajectory
3A: Speeder
4A: Hayabusa SL
5A: Speeder

As you can see, Speeder and ST NXG won.


2a:not yet
3a: uh, no
4a: hayabusa
5a: PGM


Here’s a video Jayyo made, My vid will be coming soon.


0A- Pro-yo
1A- DV888
2A- Sunset trajecteries
3A- DV888
4A- ThrowMonkey
5A- Hitman