Favorite YoYo for Each Style

Almost everybody on the forums has their favorite yoyo on their profile, but that is usually just their favorite 1A yoyo. I want to know what your favorite yoyo is for each style! If you don’t do a style, then just don’t say your favorite yoyo for it (since you don’t know - duh - LOL).

Here are my favorites:
One-handed Looping (?0A?): YYF Loop 360
1A: Duncan Barracuda (the YYF Supernova and Genesis are super close behind!)
(I don’t do 2A and 3A, but I might start soon)
4A: YYJ Big Yo
(I don’t do 5A at all anymore)

NOTE: These yoyos are subject to change.

1a- Angle
2a- 808
3a- PSG
4a- FiestaXX
5a- Summit

2a: Loop 808
3a: Classics
4a: c3 Solar
5a: 2010 Severe

And your favorite 1A yoyo is a Jensen Kimmitt signed Chief?

  1. Super g
  2. Sunset trajectories
  3. Protostars
  4. Fiesta!
  5. MVP one

1A g2 triton
2A yyf 1080
3A g2 nessie
4A yyj rextreme
5A g2 albatross

1a: alpha crash or dark sonic(my dream yoyo)
2a: pair of loop 1080 or pulses
3a: none
4a: go big
5a: yyf severe 2013 (only of it didn’t have severe vibe)

1A: Theory, Diamondback, H3X, Titan 3 (it’s a 4 way tie!)
2A: Unleashed
3A: don’t do 3A,…
4A: Fiesta XX
5A: Surge, Classic, and PSG (woah, another non YYJ! Yeah, crazy right?)

1A: YYR Stargeyser
2A: still working on looping with just one hand atm, but I’m using a Raider
3A: lol, I wish!
4A:don’t really play much 4A but of the few throws I’ve tried, I like the Rextreme best
5A: YYF Delrin Severe


1A- MYY T10
2a- N/A
3A- N/A
4A- One
5A- MYY T10
0A- Speed Beatle
1/2A- N/A
1.5A- N/A
1A (Tourniquet)- N/A
9A- N/A
Astro- N/A
Doubles- N/A
Hydra- N/A
Doc Pop Style- N/A
Loaf Style- N/A
Möbius- MYY T10
Free Throwing- N/A
Slippery Eel- N/A
Washing Machine- N/A
Double D- N/A
7A- N/A
Go West- N/A
Sumo- N/A
1AD- N/A

1a - Al5
2a - Loop 360
3a - PSG
4a - Go Big
5a - N9

1a: god tricks freedom
2a: loop 900’s
4a: go big
5a: shaqler star

OA: Loop 900

1A: H3X

4A: The Equinox I ordered or the go big I tried

5a: An unresponsive classic


1A: D-Bearing Skywalker
2A: loop 720
3A: Don’t really do it.
4A: Dont do it… throw monkey when im messing around
5A: Phenomizm

1A- Cliff
1A (Tourniquet)- YYR Six
Hidden Eel- Genesis

1a Avalanche or Dynamo
2a Unleashed
3a (idk, I don’t have 2 of the same 1a throws…)
4a Hayabusa or Go big
5a Dynamo

1A - Punchline/Triton
2A - n/a
3A - n/a
4A - PSG(lol)
5A - Code 1/Amplifier
fixed axle - ProFly

Bump. Finished bumping all my “Favorite in or for Each Style” threads! Let the posting begin (again, LOL).

Dis made me lol.

1A - Arctic Circle
2A - Raider
3A - Derp.
4A - Fiesta XX
5A - Supernova