What are your mains for each A.

Sorry if it has asked before but I cant remember any answers. What yoyo(s) do you use for each genre of yoyoing.

1A: CLYW Chief
2A: loop 900s
3A: PSGs
4A: fiesta
5A: Delrin severe

1A: Summit,Cliff,Cascade
2A: Don’t really have interest
3A: To scared
4A: Would like to get a go big
5A: Cliff

dont do a lot other than 1A but still…

1A- Barracuda/Shutter right now
2A- 1080s
3A- never done it :wink:
4A- Big Yo
5A- Genesis/Barracuda

1A: toxic hazmat
2A: loop808
3A: recrev freq waves or one drop chiks
4A: yoyo jam go big
5A: ODxCLYW Summit

1:Shutter, Echo,Raptor,Beysick
2:A couple of speed beetles
3:a couple of PSG’s
4:A Hayabusa SL
5:Any of my 1a throws

1a- Shutter
2a- Yomega hyperwarp (not wing). But I’m planning on getting a loop 808 soon.
4a-Fiesta XX
5a- G funk and messed up northstar


1A: Varies. Been the Y-Not F.A a lot lately or the Freq. Wav
2: Unleashed
3A: Not doing that yet.
4A: JetSet EC
5A: Destiny

1A: YYR Nickel Gleipnir
2A: 808s/Fireballs
3A: DV888
4A: Fiesta (soon to be Aeronaut)
5A: Genesis (I have 2 for competition)

I don’t do much outside of 1a, but when I do…

1a-Jekyll & Hyde:SPINS Lunar Wind prototype
2a- YoYoJam Unleashed
3a- YoYoFactory Protostar
4a- Shinwoo Griffin Wing(sadly my only 4a, want to get a Fiesta, Go Big, or Rextreme though)
5a- YoYoJam Destiny

2A. Vortex
3A. Code 1s
4A. C3 Solar
5A. Surge (green)

1a Mo-vitation, Berserker, Edenyoyos Nephlim
5a Berserkers, Edenyoyos Nephlim

1a Eh, Avant Garde 2/Raptor/yuuksta

2a Loop 900’s Hope to get a pair of 1080’s (i have 1)

3a Whatever i have. Maybe a Classic and a PGM, maybe a Protostar and PGM…

4a Go Big, want a Rextreme (pm me offers lol)

5a Classic (was protostar until now has a crack)

So I don’t really do all the styles, I can’t loop or throw 3a for the life of me. So those two are hypothetical.

1A. for competition I like to use Chiefs in the past, but now I’m going to use a flying hut. But when I just want to have fun, I use a canvas.
2A. Unleashed. I’ve tried many looping yoyo’s, but the only ones I had any luck with were unleashed. I would like to give reverbs a try.
3A. um… I don’t even know what would be good…
4A. I hava a windforce and I love it!
5A. I had a Delrin severe and it was fantastic! Right now I have a Dropbear set up for 5A.

1a: Supernova or HOT
2a: wat
3a: wat
4a: Go Big
5a: Capless
Responsive: OneStar (fun)


2a: Nothing but soon to be modded raiders or something

3a: Protons

4a: Equinox

5a: Whatever I throw a counterweight on (not to into 5a)