what are you favorite yoyo's for each catogory?


Mine are,

1A- Arctic Circle, Avalanche, Clash, Gnarwhal, just to name a few.
2A- Pulses
3A- Protostars
4A- Fiesta XX

What about you guys?

(Owen) #2

1a Dietz
2a TBD
3a Any two yoyos I have lying around
4a Big yo
5a Genesis

(M.DeV1) #3

2A: Unleashed
3A: Cerberus
4A: Fiesta XX
5A: Avant Garde


1A: Anglam
2A: Unleashed
3A: no opinion yet. I do have sets for 3A.
4A: Fiesta XX
5A: Figuring this out, gonna say Pinnacle for now. Kinda liking my DieNasty. Not willing to try my Roll Model for ths.

(G2 Jake) #5

1a albatross
2a Duncan imperials
3a Nessie
4a go big
5a Nessie


1A: STYY Quark, Gnarwhal
2A: Modded Raiders
3A: Echoes
4A: Fiesta XX
5A: Code 2, Freehand 2

(Khent G) #7

1A Chief, Avalanche, Irony, Skywalker, and Flying Hut
2A Speed Beetle
3A PSG and Code1
4A Fiesta XX
5A Turning Point Maxbet and AlaMode


1A dark magic
2A loop 900
3A don’t know, never tried
4A fiesta xx
5A dark magic or FHZ


1a, code 1, code 2, phenom, Chief, avalanche, 54
2A- loop 720 protos
3A- Psg,
4A- Aquarius <3
5A- g5


1a. Positron
2a. Loop 900s
3a. 888S
4a, Go Big
5a. Catalyst


1A: skyline
2A: fireballs for now. planning to get loop 808s to practice, i can barely even loop with 1 hand lol!
3A: psh like i can do 3A lol
4A: Fiesta xx
5A: how bad i am at it, i liked my old northstar for it. felt real comfy in teh hand!


1A: dibase or dark sonic
2A: bumble bee ( i can only do one loop plus it my little brothers)
3A: protostars or grind machine
4A: well i dont off string but if i did i say go big or equinox
5A: fhz, die nasty or destiny
moebius: dibase or any yoyo with a large gap


1a: either the canvas or the puffin
2a: unleashed
3a: I’ve literally never tried
4a: go big
5a: avalanche or delrin octave 3


1A - Chief, Overdrive, Code 1
2A - Unleashed
3A - Never tried, but I’d imagine Chiefs (or anything from my 1A list, really)
4A - Go Big
5A - Chief or Canvas w/ Duncan bouncy, Code 2 or Genesis w/ Takeshi dice


1A Chief and Code 2
2A loop 900
3A I don’t even know where to start
4A go big
5A dv888