Favorite yoyo for each style?


there was a thread like this so i decided i would rather make a new thread then risk necroing so here goes!

1A: G funk, skyline, Dietz
2A: Loop 808!
3A: yeah like i can do 3A
4A: Fiesta XX
5A: yoyofactory 44, protostar EDIT: just tried a catalyst for 5A ( i was too scared to ding it) and i love it! the rounded v shape thing is really comfy in my hands (for 5A at least)! even though the 44 is my main 5A throw, the catalyst is my fav ;)!

(SR) #2

YoYo’s that I Own-
1A: General Yo KLR, CLYW Avalanche
2A: Sunsets
3A: Uuuhhhhhhh…
4A: Fiesta XX
5A: ProtoStar

YoYos I own and don’t own
1A: General Yo KLR, Chief, Code 2, Avalanche
2A: Loop 900
3A: …
4A: Equinox
5A: Protostar, Supernova, Genesis


Realisticly Speaking:
1A: Supernova, STYY Quark
2A: Don’t own a set. Ideal would be either Unleashed or Loop 808
3A: Again, don’t own a set. Ideal would be maybe some Diffusions.
4A: Go Big
5A: Supernova, Addiction

In a dream world where I have all the yoyos I’ve ever wanted:
1A: Cheif, Dietz
2A: Loop 808 or Unleashed
3A: Diffusions or Gleipnirs
4A: Rextreme
5A: Supernova or Genesis


(How old must a threat be until it’s on the verge of being a necro. I don’t think the old one was that old.)
Anyway, here’s mine from that thread

1A - Chief (, Overdrive, Code 1)
2A - Unleashed
3A - Chiefs (never tried 3A, but I’d imagine this is what I’d go to)
4A - Go Big
5A - Chief w/ Duncan bouncy (or Canvas w/ Duncan bouncy, Code 2 or Genesis w/ Takeshi dice)


1a. Avalanche and Yeah3
4a. Go big
5a. What little I’ve tried, canvas


Thanks for making a new one Supbreh! ;D

1A- Arctic Circle, Chief, Gnarwhal. CLYW!!
2A- pulses, only thing i can loop with, lol
3A- protostars, I’m afraid to damage anything else
4A- Fiesta
5A- FHZ- ya booooyie


1A - Chief, Irony, Yeah3, Hour
2A - Nope
3A - Yeah3’s
4A - Go Big
5A - Avalanche, 09 Severe, CODE 2, Irony, Counterweight makes little difference to me.

This is stuff I own, except for the 09 Severe, I have owned a total of 4, but currently own none.


dont think this counts as a necro. mine is updated. preferences do change!

0A: YYF Loop 808
1/2A: YYF Catalyst, has a death grip on the bearing
1A: OD Dietz, YYF G-Funk
2A: YYF loop 808
3A: yeah i wish…
4A: YYJ fiesta XX
5A: YYF catalyst (i miss you, but i like the dietz better)
6A: yyj axiom, even if i fail at it (i think mobius should be its own devision)


1a: avant garde, recrev freq wave
2a: unleashed
3a: pair of hours, or quick mates
4a: good old fiesta’s
5a:yys syok


1A: Classic, Diamondback, Next Level, Titan, Trigger
2A: Unleashed
3A: Classic
4A: Go Big!
5A: Ringmaster


what about the sr-71, your sig yoyo!?!


I still use it a lot but have been using the newer stuff more.


oh ok cool! ;D


1A - You can’t honestly expect me to make a choice.
2A - Fireballs
3A - Luminous + NTH. Ohwaitthat’s1a
4A - Genesis
5A - Genesis

(2Sick Joey) #15

1A: Wraths, La Goutte, Pacquiao, SplitD
2A: I don’t play 2a
3A: SuperGs or Superstars
4A: Go Big
5A: Wraths or Genesis


1A: Trigger, Hour, Dm2, and Echo
2A: I don’t do 2A
3A: never tried it
4A: Fiesta xx
5A: capless FHZ


Just curious, why do many people seem to prefer the Genesis for 5A play?

(SR) #18

dat ting is azz stable as FUDGE and its preety solid and it spins foreva like u never even seen. long spins = more time 2 do mo trickz. it also fits da hand reel good. i aint even playin


Changing mine too

4A: FG Chief
2A: Chiefs with knots in them


1A. Just about anything
2A. Loop 900’s
3A. Whatever I don’t care about dinging (not necessarily a pair)
4A. Pro Wing
5A. Not big on this style but Beast and Chaser