Favorite Yo-Yo For Each Style

0A: YYF F.A.S.T. 201 (Don’t have anything as responsive :P)
1A: YYF Dv888
4A: YYJ Kickside (for now…)
5A: YYJ Hitman

If you can’t do a style, just leave it blank. ;D POST AWAY!

0a- Imperial ;D(actually not that bad)
1a- Dark Magic
4a- Flying Panda
5a- Dark Magic

I don’t have a very wide range of yoyos… ;D

That’s my favorite yoyo for each style. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’ll play along.

5a Wedgie
4a SB2
3a wedgies
2a Speed Beetles
1a The Big Brother Titty Twister! My Agape is a close second! Very close!

I bet if he posted there every one would be like
so yeah…

1A) G5 or GM2
0/2A) NXG
3A) I only tried once and I used my G5 and GM2
4A) Aqua
5A) Die-Nasty! but I broke it so now I use my DM

False. You can’t necro a post that doesn’t die.

Woops!  ::slight_smile:

Old school: Free Hand (not the zero)
1A: Dv888
4A: Offstring
5A: Hybrid Hitman

1a 888
2a Sunsets
3a Dv888’s
4a Frantic
5a 888

1a: G5
2a: Sunset trajectory nxg
3a: sigma blade
4a: aquarius
5a: atmoshpere

An undersized, expensive, dentable, metal. I see.

No it’s not.

1a- Bully
2a- sunset with just the inner race of the bearing (making it basically fixed axle)
3a- never tried
4a- i suck at 4a so i dont even try
5a Bully or recessed fhz

1a- M1.

1A- Peak
2A - Sunset NXG
3A - Dark Magic
4A - Bigyo
5A - Plastic Grind Machine

1A: Atmosphere
2A: Raiders
3A: Projects.
4A: Bigyo
5A: MK3
Soloham: Aquas.
When I want to throw responsive: Renegades.

Eh, to some extent. ::slight_smile:

Why does it matter? He’s able to use what he wants. I used my Hatrick (which is the only one of its kind in the world) for some 4a when it was mint, and I got my first ding in it. So what?

It doesn’t. I was just acknowledging what he was saying. ;D

What is 0A?