Best yoyos for all divisions-( 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)


So my idea is that I’m going to post what yoyo is best for all typer of yoyoing. Then, you guys give your opinion and test out my list.

Here it is-

2A-YYJ Unleashed (No Caps)
3A- YYF Genesis (YYF Bearing Size C)
4A- YYJ Fiesta XX (Play it stock)
5A- YYF ONE (w/ KK bearing)


The thing is that it all comes down to preference. I would definitely disagree with your list, but that’s just because preferences are different. Sorry, but there is no “best” yoyo for any category.


Yeah, in fact, I agree with NONE of your list. What you might have wanted to do is ask everyone what THEIR lists look like.


I think the OP stated “this is my list” kind of verbage and encourage others to share their lists.

I pretty much am neutral on the list. I agree with the 2A, except I’d keep the caps in. But a YYF ONE for 5A? I disagree with that.


The Genisis is to wide for 3a. I’ve tried them before and the dimensions are kind of odd for 3a.


maybe thats just his personal opinion


It’s ALL personal opinion and preferences. There’s no absolute right or wrong, just right or wrong on an individual basis.


…That’s what I was saying.


1a, 2a, and 4a fine. But YYF one for 5a yeah if your messing around. The Genesis was totally designed for 5a not 3a. I don’t throw 3a so thats a toss up.


I’ve only tried unleash very briefly, so I’m not sure how good they are. But I agree with your 4a choice.
here’s my list:

1a: Irony
2a: Loop 900s
3a: Delicious
4a: Fiesta xx (I really really wanna try a Solar and a kamui though)
5a: Genesis

Fun: Canvas

And for people getting seemingly offended, “Then, you guys give your opinion and test out my list.”
I think he was asking what you thought were the best for each category, and to comment on what he had in his.

(laxdude99) #11

You only need two kicksides and a pair of loop 900s to do every style with swag


just go get 2 imperials. :wink:


I use only Duncan yo-yo’s so my list would beeeee

1a:Echo or Raptor
2a: I like a nice set of Speed Beatles
3a:An Echo or Raptor
4a: I use a Hayabusa SL or a recessed Panda
5a: Echo or Raptor.

Now this is my personal preference, don’t start hatin’ or i’ll beat you with a lamp shade.


Mine is now:

1A: OD Deitz with Brass Spikes
2A: Loop 900s (switching to Unleashed soon)
3A: Dark Magic 2
4A: YYJ Go Big? Whatever the Conde Sig one is by YYJ
5A: YYJ Destiny (But very interested to see how a Code 1 would work with this and 3A)


1a. Probably stock PHENOM no caps
2a. thin lubed Unleashed with thick lube on the end of the string
3a. Probably stock PHENOM no caps
4a. either Equinox,Fiesta xx,RERA,Go Big,or kamui
5a. Probably destiny


Why I liked the yoyos i picked-

PHENOM- Very fast
unleashed- no caps= faster loops and all around good loopin yoyo
genesis- good gap
fiesta xx- really big and easy to land on the string
ONE- really light and unresponsive w/ a kk bearing in it


Just check the yyf genesis page! it says "The Genesis is a campetition monster for 1A, 3A, and 5A


1A-Werrd xxxxl Groovy
2A-I don’t play much (900’s I guess)
3A-Duncan Raptors
4A-Fiesta or FiestaXX, with silicone mod smoothed flat not concave (Loose returns and regens like a beast!, prefer Fiesta)
5A-YYJ Destiny W/Bouncy ball

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I don’t yoyo, I hate yoyos.


And never a truer word was spoken.