what is your favorite yo yo

i like the free hand zero

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definately freehand zero

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Definitely Meteor.

no yoyo is better then another its just prefrence. shape size ect… buut if u ask me 888 or G5 or skyline! if a beginers sees this he will buy the one thAT u pik
but G5!!!

I would say BvM, Skyline, Peak, and New Breed. :wink:

Your topic is called "what is your favorite yoyo but then for the poll you asked “which is best”. Which one are you looking for? If it is the second one, there is no such thing.

Mine are sort of over here


that was kind of usless no ofence tho we have our fave yoyos on the side but…[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]G5[/size][/size][/size]

Among the ones I own, Speeder. Among the ones I want, DNA.

Black Knight


888 all the way

Sorry, but posts like this really aren’t necessary. They clutter up the forums and get people very aggravated.

We already have several threads just like this one. If you’d like to share your opinions or gather other peoples’, you should visit one of these…



I am glad that you’re being a very enthusiastic member of the YYE family, but we have had way to many threads like this.

I would recommend reading this thread…

It has a lot of good ideas, info, and opinions.

Sorry if I sound bossy or rude, I don’t mean to. I am just trying to help you out because other people will get really mad.


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mine is freehand zero