What's your fav YoYoJam yoyo?


I started this thread because I truly belive YoYoJam is arguably the finest yoyo company in the buisness. Just think about all that YoYoJam has done for the yoyo community. They make great playing affordable yoyos. They gave the world some of the most famous yoyos, including the Dark Magic, Aquarius, Sunset Trajectory, Speeder, and the HG seires, just to name a few. Their range of yoyos is outstanding. You would be hard pressed not to find a YoYoJam yoyo thats perfect for your skill, weight and size preferences, shape and style, and just about any other yoyo quality you think is important. Their contest team is amazing. They have some of the greatest yoyoers of all time on their team. Andre, Mickey, Narum, Grant, Geigle, and so many others. So, my point is that I love YoYoJam and I think people should stop critizing them so much. Like on that one yoyo website were Steve Brown said he hated the Beast seires side caps? What’s up with that?! Those are the coolest caps I’ve ever seen on any yoyo and I think YoYoJam should have stuck with them.

So, anyway. Whats your Favorite YoYoJam yoyo?

Mine’s the K-os.

(JM) #2

L to the Legacy.

(Mikey) #3

Meteor! Don’t have one but tried one a couple times.

(Jesse) #4

Favorite that I own(ed): Dark Magic
Favorite that I’ve played: New Breed
Favorite that I’ve never played: Black Night


Newb Breed or Black Knight.

(JonasK) #6

So going to be a plastic New Breed.

New Breed for newbs…


I’ve never actually thrown a YYJ yoyo but I love the yoyos. My first yoyo will be the DM. I wish I had the money for the Nights Move 5 because they looks amazing. The eneme looks pretty good as well.


the New Breed is awesome.


Yeppers :smiley:


Wow this is a tough question. I like a LOT of yyj’s! My son has a red YYJ that I’m not sure what it is but its one of the first yoyo’s they ever made. Its a VERY interesting throw.
But I also like the New Breed, Vict, Hitman, SFHG, and all of the like with that rim material.
suntests, I just can’t pick one.


If you post a pic of that unidentified yoyo I could tell you what it is.


dark magic (only yyj ive owned), i tried a vict and liked it so that too i guess

(marcusWsteadman) #13

Hitman and new breed “the only yyj’s I own”. Tried the x-con, dm, speeder, loved them but not as much as my new breed. :wink:

(ed) #14


(Mitch) #15


(yoyolvr<><) #16

black knight but i have a special edition dm in the mail.


I love my New Breed, just wish it was a bit smaller… then again, it wouldn’t be a new breed anymore. lol



(Gorrilla_YO) #19

New Breed/NM5