Favorite Throw..Ever

I just wanted to ask what everyones favorite throw is…Feel free to comment!!

SASQUATCH!!! by clyw

Just want to point out that under everyone’s name it says their favorite yoyo. I’ll have to think about this one though…


Too True.
My Favourite is listed as the YYR Dreadnought G. Big solid 79g.

But I will also give mention to my HSpin Pyro. Wonderful Yoyo.


Probably my Canvas.

Probably my gnarwhal…and the pro as a very very close second. Like the post above…it usually sais it near your name…hehe.

My YYE Dietz and Paul Escolar FHZ

You can look right

Well i’ve noticed people put other yo-yos…not their favorite. Soo i just asked the question!

My favorite yoyo is whatever my newest >$100 metal is :wink: which is currently the Canvas.

We don’t want you’re questions.

Can we petition YYE for a “No Thank You” button?

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Well. If you didn’t want my questions…theres no freaking reason to comment, now is there!

Well, right now, the DM2 is my favorite and is listed as my favorite. But who knows when or IF that will change.

To change it, I’d have to go into my profile and make a change. For a lot of people, its just a minor annoyance that’s easier to just ignore.

I got lots of great throws, but I keep going back to the DM2.