Whats your fav. yoyo?

What is your Fav. yoyo? I made the poll so that you can make two votes.
My two fav yoyo is the YYF 888 and the ILYY Wasabi.

keep spinning


I don’t think you should make a poll for this. Most of our favorite yoyos arent even on there.

I agree…

Happy Throwing! =]

None of mine are on there. Try remaking this thread without the poll :wink:

Just remove the poll part.

Dark Magic!!!11

skyline is the only one I have,but ya,remove the pole

Dark Magic won anyways.

Big Brother BB Bully for now :wink:
I do like DM and X-com but they are not my favorite.

Thats probably because most people here own the DM over the people who own those other yoyos.

Still, the DM is great

thats true…whatevs DM ftw!

Out of thoe that I have:


Those that I have but are not there: