What's Your Number One Throw?

What’s your all-time favorite yoyo you’ve ever had? I want opinions because I’m thinking of getting a new player. Let’s see what ya got! ;D


The Supernova or code2.

Without a doubt the General Yo Essence.

Dietz and code 2

AKA what is you favorite throw. Trident and Capless.


What day of the week is it? :wink:

I have a lot of “favorites” and it changes almost daily.

The capless is already one of your favorites ever?

Nickel SR-71

My drop bear and Arctic circle

CODE2 for me.


My number one throw is usually my daily throw. Protostar :]


At the moment, Code 2. But that could easily change if I get a throw I like more.

me too

Mine would be (I’ve owned 2 high-ends, and 3 or 4 in the 40-60 range) so… 888. most expensive and best I’ve ever owned.

Haven’t thrown that many, but I love the Burnside. I throw it 90% of the time.

Either cascade or GZR code2 ;D